As gloomy as the title of the blog was it was completely accurate. There WAS a body found hanging in Atlanta, Georgia‘s 189 acre multi-use Piedmont park, and local media is being VERY hush hush about it.

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Thursday on social media, the story of a body found hanging from a tree in Piedmont Park started circulating. Twitter users expressed outrage, some calling it “another modern-day lynching.”

Atlanta police say that is not the situation at all, confirming the body found was the victim of a suicide.

Officers were called to the Charles Allen entrance of the park just before 5 a.m. and discovered a man’s body hanging from a tree by a rope, spokesman Donald Hannah said.

Emergency officials arrived on the scene and pronounced the man dead, Hannah said.

“There were no discernible signs of a struggle or foul play,” Hannah said. A “Fulton County medical examiner concurred that the death was consistent with a suicide.”

The investigation is ongoing. An autopsy will be performed to determine the final cause and manner of death.

The man’s name has not been released.

Now while it is usually the media’s practice to not report on suicides because it tends to encourage more suicides it would seem that with the climate of the country this week and the public location of said suicide the public would be given just a little more reassurance.

I mean it’s not like a midnight lynching on the Georgia grounds would be so far-fetched. {Look up the what Buckhead means for all you Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fans} In fact, I’m not sure that if it were anything but a suicide they would tell us anyway. I mean we watch them shoot restrained men point blank then call it self-defense, so we’re obviously not looking at the world with the same lenses. You see how that works? That thing called trust? It can be broken beyond repair very easily.

I ask you all. Do you really think someone went to Piedmont park to hang themselves, or that they met a more sinister fate? Especially during such a turbulent week in race relations and this used to be The Ghosts {KKK} favorite method of conflict resolution with people of color up until about an hour ago. And on the heels of the back to back police murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile here in Louisiana and Minnesota shouldn’t authorities have done just a little bit more to put the public ease?

I want you all to do more that read these stories and be shocked. I need you to use them as cautionary and awareness tales. Training for the times coming where your instincts will be your most valuable lessons.

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