I read something on Centric’s website that pissed me off a little bit more than I usually let myself get over pop Qulture. It was a story about Phaedra Parks not letting her sons with Apollo Nida go visit him while he serves his 8 year prison sentence.

It’s been nearly one year since Apollo Nida began his eight-year prison sentence for fraud, but sources say he has yet to see his two boys, Ayden (5) and Dylan (2).

Phaedra Parks is sticking to her guns of keeping the young children away from the Kentucky prison where Nida is locked up, insiders tell Radar Online. She also has yet to visit her estranged husband, although she has yet to file for divorce.

Not much has changed since Father’s Day, when Parks refused to allow the boys to visit their father. Instead, she opted to send Nida cards and photos to keep him updated. Sources said Parks also transferred money to his prison books so he could make purchases while inside.

I just needed to know if anyone else thought this was some cold shady shyt? I mean…let’s be real. ¬†Phaedra is trying to give us all prime and proper, from-the-manor-born but sweetie you married a man straight out of jail who went right back to doing the same shyt {Whom everyone is sure with YOUR knowledge} then when the chips fall down you pretend like this whole scene is so beneath you.

So I’d like the Qmunity’s opinion. You think Phaedra is being a Protective mom…or fake and petty?

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