I now see why they had to divide this Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion into three parts.  The entire thing has been a shyt slinging competition between the women whose multi-layered hate for one another has been like putting vipers in the same basket. This was just too much mess to throw at an audience all at once.

After getting dragged across the floor by Porsha Williams int he first part, Kenya Moore then had to sit there and endure the type of verbal thrashing that no one could come back from. This is the type of soul reduction that’s hard for me to sit through, but Kenya had it coming.  She said that this chic needs to up her semen acquisition game up before she has Shyt to tell anyone else. Kenya put that scepter away real quick.  Wasn’t feeling like no Ms. America then huh bish?

I think her aunt was right after Velvet died when she said “God is making room in your life for something new” because Kenya desperately needs a human friend to encourage her to get her shyt together.  Demoralizing herself for reality television isn’t befitting of this Queen-like delusion she’s always in.

All in all I hate to see them all so miserable.  I know its great for ratings, but there’s nothing fun about watching souls die. It’s all so tragically appealing that the only to ease the guilt of being interested is to call to make sure my readers know this is entertainment and not the way real life is supposed to be. Let their rocks cry out for you. 

What do y’all think?  Did Kenya have it coming or did Phaedra go a little too far?

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