Qtips I’m so excited sorry that I get to have to report to you all this front stoop mess both T.I. and Floyd Mayweather have been keeping up all Spring. It ain’t easy, but someone has to do it (Why should TMZ get all the hits?)

It’s apparent that T.I. has absolutely no positive influences in his life these days. In spite of all the success his urban-yet-wholesome, Cosby Show-modeled reality show, T.I. & Tiny, receives bares a closer resemblance to Love & Hip Hop Atl with all the petty, immature, inconceivable drama he seems to be caught in on a weekly fuQQing basis. He’s like one of those bad ass kids that needs summer camp or something….only he isn’t a bad ass kid.  He’s a Grown.Ass.Man.

As they usually do, TMZ got all the tea from a brawl T.I. (Side-kicked by Tiny) started with Mayweather on the Vegas Strip Saturday night.

According to several witnesses … Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd.  In this video you can hear Floyd tell T.I. to “Control Your Bytch) #SuperClassy

**Rumor Break**
Allegedly, and this is just what the streets is saying, Floyd and Tiny had some sort of “connection” while T.I. was locked up.  Of course it’s over now, but rumors surrounding the fight say that T.I. got wind of Floyd trying to “reconnect.”
Again these are only rumors and you’ll have to believe me when I say that it’s very hard for me to even type words that suggest that all of this was over Tiny, so I’m going to end gossiping and get back to the mess we do have to go on.

T.I. swung at Floyd … their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them … and then the all out melee began.

You can see what appears to be a chair flying across the crowded restaurant. At the end of the clip, a bodyguard walks Floyd through the chaos and into a car.
Police confirm one guy suffered a minor injury during the fight, but he refused treatment and did not want to cooperate with investigating officers. (Turns out the guy was a Fat Burger employee) 

T.I.  I think you need to go sat ( yes I spelled it right) you lil ass down somewhere and get your shyt together. You’re looking real basic out here.  I don’t even feel like I know you anymore.  Aren’t you on parole?
Last month you were all in Apollo Nida’s face clearing up those “snitch” rumors, but now I’m starting to wonder.  You sure do walk around with that “Snitch” invincibility these days.  Like you can’t be touched, nor told shyt. Like you’re covered by the Federal Blood of protection. You don’t behave like a man whose used up two out of three strikes.  What makes it even worse is that you’ve spent your entire time out of jail dogging poor Tiny out and now you’re out here fighting for her honor?#BoyStop
There is no righteous one here. Floyd calling that woman a “Bitch” was straight disrespectful and some common street n*gga shyt. (Excuse my language), but that’s hood talk referring to each other’s women as property and “bitches”  That’s a wife and a mother and she deserves better than that, and I don’t care what the circumstances. (You can’t tell me Tiny didn’t stir up all this mess for an ego boost)  
But I’m also not going to type too many words to suggest I would expect anything different from Mayweather. We all know the intelligence level we’re dealing with there, but at least we know he can fight.  T.I. is always waving guns so we know his scary ass don’t have hands.  So for him to approach a boxer on the level of Floyd as if he can go toe to toe makes me believe that T.I. has got to be on something. I’m thinking he’ll be back in jail within a year.  This isn’t the behavior of a man who did his time and doesn’t want to go back. 
The only victim here is the Fat Burger employee who showed up to work and is going home slashed because these two bored, rich negros with nothing better to do with all the money they make decided tonight was a good night to make a celebrity WorldStar video. T.I. this is so wack.  Please gather yourself. I don’t know what’s going on, but no one is here for you and Tiny’s Struggle Love.  We’re simply not here for it.
Qmunity I bring it to you.  Are you sick of T.I. already?  Ready for him to go back to jail so he’s not on the streets showing his ass like D-Block Trade?  Are you still trying to digest the fact that this is over Tiny (No shade Tiny)?



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