Everyone knows by now that Apollo Nida (Phaedra Parks’ husband on Real Housewives of Atlanta) has plead guilty to federal  bank fraud and identity theft charges in Atlanta right? Well if you didn’t here’s a link to get caught up on all that stunt queen mess. He blamed it on the pressures of keeping up with the other Real housewives couples’ rented houses and such.  Said he just got caught up in trying to be successful.

Anyway, some of the legal rhetoric in his plea agreement requires that Apollo talk to informants and help authorities catch others involved in the crime ring. What they call in the hood “snitching.”  Apparently it’s a big deal or whatever because Apollo jumped all over Twitter to clear his good name exclaiming that it’s standard legal jargon.  Even claiming that T.I. and Micheal Vick entered the same type of pleas.  All T.I. needed was to hear his name in some mess, so he tracked Apollo down with Killa Mike where they recorded this tape of Apollo retracting his statements.

I know it’s easy to believe that these are all grown ass straight men, but they are.  I guess making sure the public doesn’t think you’re a snitch is a bigger deal than actually letting them think that you’re a mature adult whose above the petty social media ramblings of a drowning man. 

I’m sorry, but I gave T.I. a FAIL yesterday for his verse about Tiny on “The Worst” remix, and I’m giving him one today for not having anything better to do than this this typa degenerate WorldStar type drama that never goes anywhere. With Killa Mike in the background making it completely obvious that he has no where to be any time soon and Apollo having to backtrack on all of the words I’m sure he wrote while he was drunk and depressed sitting somewhere dark preparing for to do his time, it made me realize that this is why we don’t prosper.  What kind of people was T.I. making this video for?  I thought his audience had elevated from this.  The problem with Atlanta blacks seems to be too much free time.  Apollo had too much free time to check mailboxes for people’s tax returns and T.I. obviously ha too much to make WorldStar videos. 

This isn’t masculine guys.  There is no righteous one here! It’s really sad to know that T.I. thinks anyone takes the word of a convicted fraud and thief seriously.  But you know what they say when Doth protest too much!

Qmunity I’d like to know what you think.  Was T.I. justifiably clearing up his “good name” on the streets, or just keeping up petty, back-a-town mess?

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