Yesterday I, and many other bloggers, spoke on Pastor Jamal Bryant’s shocking quoting of the misogynistic Chris Brown song titled “These hoes ain’t loyal.”  Many were shocked.  I, on the other hand, saw exactly what I expected to see from these new Christians. #FuQQery

Anyway, the Morehouse alum took to his Twitta to defend his use of calling women hoes in the house of the Lord.

Don’t critique a quote when you never heard message! 20 seconds of a 30 minute message is incomplete assessment Dear Family @TJMShow fell into a sensationalized quote & regrettably lent no context. Be mad whole not in part

He goes on~

An anointed woman of God is not dreaming about a man. An anointed woman of God is dreaming for her man. So when she really connects to who you are, she begins to dream about what she sees you accomplishing, what she sees you becoming and you with your silly stuff, go run off with a side-chick who don’t have no anointing.

The problem with Pilate, is a problem with a lot of men, is he didn’t know what he had. Had Pilate had listened to the woman he had, his life would’ve been better. Because he didn’t listen to the woman of God, he ended up losing his job, ended up in exile, ended up being kicked out of the palace, ended up committing suicide. If you got enough confidence to not be insecure and threatened about the woman God sent you, when she speaks, she is speaking from the voice of God of what she sees over your life!

Every sister just elbowed another sister, “he should’ve listened!” Every brother, would you tap another brother and say, “I should’ve listened to her.” God help me! Old saints, y’all forgive me but I gotta tell ya, these hoes ain’t loyal! You gotta find somebody!

Pilate lives in conflict because he washes his hands and then signs the death certificate. He could’ve put a curve on the whole movement of women’s suffrage. Women could’ve got the right to vote earlier They could’ve had the right to own property sooner if he in that right moment would’ve listened to what the woman of God spoke over his life, trying to help him. It was no benefit for her. She just wanted to see him in his rightful place with God!

You done found the right one when they are not into your car, your clothes or your income, but they got a desire to see you in the will of God. That’s how you know you’ve found somebody who’s anointed!

The only thing I’m going to add on this matter is that Passa really didn’t say anything that we didn’t know.  I mean…all he did was basically describe what the song “These hoes ain’t loyal” is about.  He doesn’t even see that the real issue is that “Why are you referring to women as hoes to prove your point?”  Him not seeing that is what makes this even worse. We don’t care that you quoted a song.  We’re wondering why you have to slander women because men are unsure of who they want.  Just because a woman might not be the right one for him doesn’t mean that she’s a hoe and should be damned to hell. Calling them hoes while you’re sleeping with them doesn’t make you anymore righteous.  The pastor was in a huge scandal last year due to his own infidelities become public so you’d think that instead of discussing how hoes aren’t loyal, that he’d instead talk about the effects disloyalty from a husband can have on a wife. 

Passa Bryant preaches from that primitive, patriarchal male point of view where women are merely temptations and resources. He’s never gonna get it and it makes no sense wasting our time debating.  I will say that so many “Christians” come to social media whining about society decaying because God is being taken out of the classrooms and everyday life, but i don’t even see God in the house of the Lord here. Perhaps I’m not saved like his followers are, but If this is the best mentoring he can give I can lay in my bed Sunday mornings smoking a blunt while listening to my Chris Brown CD to get this. #NoShade

Sources~Necole Bitchie, Eben Gregory

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