There’s apart of me that still roots for the home team. Even when the team ain’t rooting for you which is usually the case you find yourself in when you’re not straight and black. The latest micro-agression comes from Migos rapper Offset who recently rapped “I do not vibe with Queers.”

Oh really sis?

The microaggressions never cease and most blacks make it very well-known they feel gays should be exterminated if not at the very least ostracized or marginalized into boxes urban blacks feel comfortable. Straight black men post every other post how frowned upon it is to be friends with or have any type of camaraderie with gaze. So at this point it just seems like overkill.

These same men will then complain about feeling attacked all the time and constantly called “homophobic.” It’s so ironic that a group of people who literally call for the murder of black gays and trans cry and whine about being labeled “homophobic bigots.” It’s too cliché and redundant, and at some point we have to decide which battles are worth it.

Now the only reason I wanna write about this is for this reason. Let’s say I’m to give Offset the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t necessarily mean queers to be gay {which I’m more than prepared to do} then by default Offset would categorize as Queer




Doesn’t this describe the Migos to you? It does to me. But I didn’t even post on it because I know Offset wasn’t hardly looking to be this technical. And he damn well knows his audience, so he meant it. He very well meant gays. And he was very much implying a negative by “vibing” with them. Still I dismissed it because I lived in Atlanta for a decade. It’s full of catty butch queens all shaming each other’s masculinity. I just chalked it up to that.

I didn’t even really get mad because I feel that even if he was talking about Gays that there are Gay Queers that I find off-putting as well. I’m uncomfortable in “weird” environments, like the circus, so I call them Mardi Gras Gaze. But even with that I find Migos to be those type of weird blacks I wouldn’t feel comfortable around either. Like those weird kids that go to AfroPunk {No Shade}

Now I do get VERY pissed off that straight black men who appropriate black gay Qulture and are still allowed to gay bash, but 2018 are weird times and the heterosexual black millenial is an animal I don’t quite understand. However, I heard Offset out and appreciated the well crafted words by his PR company that basically said “Imma gay bash and I don’t wanna be called out on it when I do it.”

I have said before since these issues before that I got love for all people. My passion for fashion has lead me to a lot of gay people around me who I have mad respect for and we are very cool so I’m not in a place where I’m hating like that. When I wrote that I was thinking of words that could rhyme with the others (here, lear, solitaire, bear) and I saw this definition about her having a queer feeling she was being watched and it fit what I was thinking about a stalker creepy paparazzi situation. To me that “queer” I don’t mean someone who’s gay. I mean lame people who film you, post it and stalk you. Lingo that means strange or odd.



I’m offended I offended anybody

Hey, they’re better at keeping their white sponsors than I am, so I won’t shade them for offering the standard non-apology, especially since they’ve publicly made similar statements  like this in the past.

BUT Offset wasn’t lying when he says he doesn’t rap about sexuality. So Imma give him that as well as his definition of Queers and choose not to get offended….I’ll shade another day. 

I do wanna close with this…..whether fake or not…acknowledgement of offending someone when you really don’t have to is not an act that should be overlooked because, like I said, I root for the home team. Plus I think it only hurts my feelings when CUTE guys are homophobic. {Ugly negguhs can feel however they feel}

Now hopefully another sextap drops so Offset can move past this. 😉

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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