Local New Orleans attorney Juan Lafonta seems to have everyone perturbed and pearl-clutching with the launch of the new ad campaign for his personal injury practice. He’s chosen to focus on client testimonials, and the first client up has them all shackled in crying Games and such. Check it out!

I’m Letting it Through!  Get all these black dollars.  I’m sure it’s not just about the money, but why turn some down stuck in the Dark Ages.

In case you haven’t guessed the person in this video is a transgender client of Juan’s whose got a story to tell just like anyone else.  Actually I had to watch it twice to catch it because he looks like anybody’s Teedie from the Ninth ward. In a city where Big Freedia has declared herself “Queen of Bounce”, transgenders just wanna be a part of society!

I feel like the black community misses out on a lot of opportunities with the constant homophobia. Moves like this show a unified financial front. Why shun the black LGBT community only to have them take their dollars out side of the Black community? Doesn’t make good business sense to me. Time to start thinking strategically and start taking care of All of our own. Juan’s a good friend so he has my full support! Check him out on Facebook.  His doors are open to everyone!

Did Juan’s choice of client testimonial leave you bothered?

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