Everyone wants to have a polite conversation these days explaining their side of the story and pleading with people to value their humanity and that’s not how I plan on spending my 2018. There is nothing left to explain. These blacks have had a taste of white acceptance and they want more. And now we are tearing each other apart inching for a closer seat. The biggest example of this is all these “masculine” straight black men crying and whining like bitches thinking that massa likes black gays more. This week is Nipsey Hussel trying to sound all hood inspirational promoting better representation of black men.

“Wea ma hug massa? Why yuze alwaze nysuh to da gaze?”

Demonstration speaks louder than Conversation. They gone feed us every image of our men and boys but this one. No hyper violent…No homo sexual…No abandoners….JUS STRONG BLAC MEN AND YOUNG Men. RESPECT TO MY BIG HOMIE @bigu1 for Leading with love and intelligence. GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN GO AGAINST US

Look, I like Nipsey Hussle for what he is. A good-looking hood nigga. He appeals to niggas who used to rob, kill, and exploit other blacks, went to jail, got released and now they want to sit around collecting gold stars for not being toxic hood niggas anymore. Or urban women that never knew their daddy and been abused by hood niggas all her life and he seems like the type that won’t abuse her….too bad.

You know the type. They take advantage of how low the bar has fallen for black men and exploit it for every compliment they can spouting off basic wisdom elders used to preach to them when they were out being toxic hood niggas. They also ALWAYS go for the low hanging fruit and bring up gays ANY way they can taking full advantage of the rampant homophobia in the black community. They will always compare themselves to gays because they feel that comparison will be one that makes them look righteous.

Everyone’s favorite clickbait post intro these days seems to begin with “They won’t ever show us like this……” Y’all are going to have to come up with a new gimmick.

Why the fuck does it matter how they show you and why they fuck are you always looking at how they portray you. Why don’t we just live our black lives and portray ourselves the way we are? This “seat at the table” shyt has gotten out of hand. We used to have our own tables. These ambiguous race blacks who go out of their way to look ratchet to prove their blackness spend a lot of time bashing those they think are infringing upon the acceptance of their white side of the family.

The irony in this statement is the Nipsey is literally Exactly how white media portrays us. In what dimension could this righteous thug think he’s the hope and the dream of the slave? Look. Rap and hip hop has become the benchmark of blackness for some reason but it’s actually quite degenerate in many ways. So I find it funny that these rappers have to go and find representations that look NOTHING like them to shade others while shading themselves. The irony in that in maddening. How can gold toothed, face-tatted ex cons act so haughty when it comes to what a man should be? And whose to say none of these men aren’t gay?

Then T.I. bum ass had to chime in after scrolling the internet looking for the first black gays he could find…..


#PressPlay #Zell trying to shoot his shot at #BlackInkCrew cast member #KevinLaroy

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I’m not sure where the jailbird who cheats on his wife, was the hype man for the Qulture Vulture Iggy Azalea, always fighting in the street, and constantly in jennywoman mess T.I. gets off ever injecting himself into a conversation about respectable black male representation. His “wannabe Trap Cosby Show” reality show has him suspended in an augmented reality.

As someone whose not even straight I’ll be the first one to say that if a cast is all white and the one black person is an effeminate gay man I have a BIG problem with that. But consider this black men. Have you ever thought that black gays are just as misrepresented as straight black men? Do you really see those one-dimensional gay stereotypes as “representation”?

Do you know how tiring it is hearing these “men” blame gays for not getting enough screen time? I mean it’s not like any of them are saying to stop watching the t.v. They just want you to rally for them to get the role they want…on some white man’s network. So they see gays as competition. It’s not gays fault they were in theatre, drama, and music while hood niggas was selling dope and making babies. Calling out that you don’t like seeing gays in the arts is not revolutionary.

But they never see it that way!

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