**Low soulful belly wails**

Poor, lame Nick Cannon has managed to out lame even himself with his latest move.  The 33-year-old started a digital shytstorm Sunday shared a picture of himself in white face as his character “Connor Smallnut” onto Instagram to promote the upcoming release of his “White People Party Music” Before Black Twitter could start copying and pasting their reads, “White Instagram” smacked the white face off of him real quick labeling him a “racist.”

nick cannon  whiteface

“It’s official… I’m White!!! #WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC #Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! “#GoodCredit #DogKissing #BeerPong #FarmersMarkets #FistPumping #CreamCheeseEating #RacialDraft “Bro I got drafted!!” he wrote as he shared the above images.

When fans clapped back calling it ” racism”, Nick caved and started playing the victim posting about humor and having a good time.

It’s funny how people take themselves so seriously. People love drama! We feed off of it. Just relax and have fun!!

By then the damage was done.

“You know you then fuQQed up now don’t ya?”

Nick even tried to point out when Robert Downey Jr. donned blackface in the war satire Tropic Thunder and how everyone laughed at that. I think what he was missing in that comparison is that Downey is white, and the acting was actually funny.  Nick Cannon is neither.


The fact that a corny black man thinks dressing up like a corny white man to promote his new project “White People Party Music” would be looked at by anyone as “Cool” is troublesome to my soul.  Is Mariah’s dissociation personality disorder contagious? Can you catch “detachment from reality” from a spouse?  If so?  Blanket him in prayer Qtips.  He’ll suffer the trials of Job before he realizes that no one takes him seriously as anything but Mariah’s man servant anymore.  He’ll need our support and prayers when it hits him.

For now Nick just be yourself.  That’s lamer than any fictional white character you can come up with! #NoShade

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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