I want this to be ass offensive as I can make it for these old ass punks that’s running these record labels.  That’s in the powerful positions to dictate what the black community listen hears.  

There’s no fucking way you can tell me that it’s not a conspiracy against the blacks in Hip Hop ~ Scarface


The Legend and the Geto Boy from My Block, Scarface, is back.  And he’s not here for the bullshyt. He’s attacking the current hip hop establishment head on and as you can see he’s holding back nothing. ‘Face hasn’t been tight lipped on his disdain for the current state of hip hop at all. He’s spoken out on numerous occasions that he feels hip hop is being used to dumb down the black community. (Is he lyin’ doe?)

Today he’s dropped the video for No Problems for his highly anticipated Deeply Rooted album, and if the rest of the album is anything like this I’m all the way here for it!  I’m going to support the run as long as it is…(we all know rappers who speak out on the agenda against blacks don’t last to long **looking up above to Tupac**)

What are your thoughts on No Problems?


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