It’s been a violent summer here in New Gotham and NOLA crime doesn’t seem to be slowing down for the Fall. On the heels of a trilogy of brazen Uptown restaurant robberies during dinner service local criminals have now turned their attention to the already vulnerable teachers of New Orleans as two were the victims of an armed robbery before school hours Wednesday morning.



New Orleans Police Department leaders are working with staff members at Success Preparatory Academy to develop security plans after two teachers were robbed at gunpoint Wednesday morning (Sept. 30) inside the Treme school.

The school, located at 2011 Bienville St., had scheduled a professional development day for Wednesday, meaning no students were on campus when a man with a gun approached one of the two teachers as she was getting ready to walk inside the school around 7 a.m.

The gunman first tried to rob the teacher while outside the building, Harrison said, but then forced her inside, where he robbed her and another female teacher. He then ran from the building, Harrison said.

Neither teacher was physically injured, police said.

NOPD 1st District officers searched the school building and grounds, but were unable to locate the gunman. Harrison said investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from the school, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, to try to identify the suspect.

Wednesday morning’s incident follows a string of high-profile armed robberies of restaurants and bars in the city’s Uptown area. Mayor Mitch Landrieu said Tuesday that federal authorities have joined in the investigation of those three armed robberies.

“We’re going to pursue every single lead that we get,” Harrison said Wednesday outside the school. “We’re going to turn the Earth upside down until we find and catch these people.”

Anyone with information about this armed robbery should contact Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

Everyone in New Orleans is beating their chest and crying about “Da CRIME”, but I for one am moderately unbothered. Not because I don’t care, but because I was as angry as they were a long time ago. Back when they were blocking blacks from equal housing opportunities after Katrina and gutting the education system. Back when they were letting Mitch Landrieu buckjump his way into their hearts and they though Drew Brees was their savior. The entire city was in a state of denial for a decade after Katrina and now things are “Getting Bad” because its ruining Uptowners utopian version of New Orleans where the blacks undesirables are held at bay in the east.

I wish I could share the same shock and awe as the hipster carpetbaggers who are surprised the criminals figured out how ineffective N.O.P.D. is before they did, but it seems to be too late for this type of concern. Maybe they took a page from Mitch’s book of leaving No One Behind….including the garden district and elementary schools.


New Orleans doesn’t HAVE a problem. It has HAD a problem for a very long time. It’s just harder to distract from or cover up like our mayor is still doing touring the nation telling everyone to move back and everything is right as rain. And while he’s here he fights to take down statues when the people beg for safety and economic development of the city. Crime is a HUGE problem, but not as big a problem as our leadership!

Qmunity what are your thoughts? Do we have what it takes to turn things around in New Gotham? Or is it out of control?!

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