It’s been a hot, humid, bloody summer here in New Orleans. To be honest with you it sometimes feels like we’re living in a horror movie. The LoQals are desensitized to the violence. They seem to think that finding naked, dismembered bodies in rush hour traffic is normal (or perhaps they chalk it up to a second line hangover). But who has time to worry about loQal apathy when we’re living in a war zone? While our mayor fights city council over flags and statues lack bodies pile up in the streets like

NEW ORLEANS — The city reached a gruesome milestone early Thursday morning when a man was gunned down inside a car after a drug deal went bad in the French Quarter: the 100th murder of 2015. A year after a several-years low with 150 murders in 2014, New Orleans is seeing a dramatic increase in the murders again.

At this time last year, 74 people had been murdered. In 2014, the 100th murder didn’t occur for nearly two more months, on Aug. 30. In 2013, the 100th murder wasn’t recorded until Sept. 2.

While the murder count is undoubtedly higher, the same trends concerning the victims continue to hold for the victims when compared to previous years.

Of the 100 victims, 81 have been male, 19 female. Eighty-six of the victims are African American, 8 are white, 5 are Hispanic and one remains unclassified. The average age of the victims is 31. Of the murder victims, 93 were victims in shootings, 5 were stabbed, and two were beaten. These statistics mirror previous years in terms of percentage.

Oh New Orleans Gotham! You have some serious problems you’re ignoring in between festivals. When I started The VitaminQ Project a couple of years ago I had just moved back here after living in Atlanta for a decade. It was my first time living in the city as an adult and it felt like someone had dropped me into the mind of some demon on acid. I chalked a lot of it up to Katrina shell-shock but even with that diagnosis I saw that no one was being treated for their suffering and that we were living among ticking time bombs. Well…time’s up! Criminals are out here feeling sexy and free running wild because N.O.P.D. is killing as well.

joker's ride

I’ve spoken out repeatedly for years on the crime here. On how the black community cries out for help while hiding their murdering cousin in the baby’s closet. I’ve spoken out against the hypocrisy of the white community here pretending that blacks were just born evil and they have no idea how the city could have gotten to this place. I challenged my entire audience to re-examine the status quo and realize that if we want Qulture shift, we were going to have to shift it ourselves. Everyone thought it was someone else’s job when the effort it would take to turn this around would be minimum with effort spread out between us. But one thing I know about The People, they want everything done FOR them and not BY them.

So a couple of questions for you New Orleans:

How does 81 black men out of 100 murders this year make you feel?

Do you think wasting our time dancing and drinking all year has proven to be productive?

Do you think the mayor cares?

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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