Rapper NBA Youngboy admitted to having Herpes in his recent lyrics.

“Herpes in my blood and that shit got me cryin’ / I really got feelings, you see without science,” he rapped on his new song “Can’t Be Saved”

Since sharing the news his girlfriend Jania Jackson has come forward saying that #SheToo has Herpes and Youngboy has showed the world he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. {Or where he sticks his naked penis}

“That shows how much it shows, he don’t care what ya’ll think,” she said. “That’s something ya’ll can’t hold over his head, because he told ya’ll. So if somebody else comes and talks about it, what can ya’ll say? He said it out his own mouth … The same thing that’s in his blood, is the same thing that’s in my blood … So it doesn’t matter. Do we look the same? Yes.”

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I suppose this is the otherside to #TeamNoPullout and it’s definitely an important conversation to have. It seems the current generation as all out abandoned the use of condoms to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. I won’t preach though. I just would like to promote positive conversations about health, but I’m not sure this is the one.

This comes off more like “I gave someone else Herpes and they are trying to blackmail me so I guess I gotta admit I have it” Teeze. Very Charlie Sheen “Yes I gave you a disease but you aren’t getting anymore money out of me” teeze. Or “It’s time to admit that after a decade of raw sex and babies with strangers we know we that we caught more than just child support” teeze. And his girl is giving me “This dude already burned me so I guess we a team” teeze. But trying to make him a martyr for disclosing his status is not how we’re going to spin this. And poor Jania doesn’t realize it’s not him disclosing his status that shows how much he doesn’t care. Having raw sex with you knowing he had The Blood, or not getting tested to find out, shows how much he doesn’t care.

But I do admire true lyrics that spark these conversations instead of all the music that has taught the children to completely disregard their health for sport.

More of these entertainers should be more honest about the pitfalls of raw sex instead of glamorizing it or making it into a joke.

It does take courage to disclose your status and in doing so you can potentially help keep someone’s blood clean or inspire others to make better decisions. Wrap it up and be safe out there. And kudos to those who are honest WHEN IT MATTERS!

I just wanna add this, and again it’s not judgement, but I have great issue with how irresponsibly sex is promoted in the black community. Especially among black men. So many are socialized to believe that they can’t turn down sex or shouldn’t turn down sex in order to “be a man”. We don’t spend enough time telling black men that their bodies are valuable and should be protected. We encourage them to completely throw away all virtue as early as possible, and it isn’t by accident.

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