Earlier this week I wrote about MoniQue’s call for a boycott of Netflix due to pay disparities based on race and gender. Just like clockwork, all the white-owned black blogs started writing sassy, passive aggressive blogs insinuating that MoniQue wasn’t getting any black support because she’s fat, dark skin, and loud. {The usual shaming tactics that make great clickbait these days}

And these tactics usually work when it’s aimed at sabotaging black men in Hollywood. But in this particular situation we’re forgetting one key part to this “no one saves fat black women” narrative. MoniQue was put on the Hollywood blacklist by thee most powerful black woman in Hollywood. Oprah!

MoniQue came out herself and said Lee Daniels told her that she was on the black blacklist in Hollywood for her diva-like antics. MoniQue keeps asking  us to “Make it make sense.” And all the black femenists are propping her up as an example of black women not being defended without considering that her bridges are burned and the offers have slowed down because of it.

But MoniQue saw that going against Oprah wasn’t going to work so she set her sights on a fat, white women counterpart Amy Schumer.


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Now I am ALL for MoniQue getting the money she feels she’s worth, but look at Kathy Griffin. They blacklisted her and she’s going through the same trials. So is this a case of unfair treatment or MoniQue being on the outs with the black gatekeepers.

It’s well known there are the blacks we’ve given diety status.

Obama Christ

Michelle Obama


Jay-Z {by marriage to Beyonce}

& Oprah

{Tyler Perry, Iyanla, & Lee Daniels as long as they stay in Oprah’s good graces}

These are the blacks that other blacks will ruin your life, career and self-esteem over {Just ask Keri Hilson}. And they will do it savagely and smugly. We created this. Now MoniQue is putting blacks in a very bad position because there is no way to ignore WHY Netflix only offered her 500k. And we can pretend boycotting Netflix will solve her problems. We can also pretend that black people NOT boycotting Netflix is her real issue. But in our hearts we already know what it is.

This is what I ask of those shaming us into boycotting Netflix…

Where are Oprah, Tyler, and Lee Daniels in this?

Oprah JUST spoke on women equality

Why are we JUST boycotting Netflix? Why not boycott them too since MoniQue is mad at them.

Why didn’t she speak on this at the #MeToo Women’s march or a #BlackLivesMatter rally?

I also wanna know what HBO, Showtime, Hulu, & Starz are offering.

I know people don’t wanna hear this but Hollywood is subjective and your worth is what people will pay you. 

Black gatekeepers are the first ones to tell talented, but undisciplined creatives {Like myself} to play the game, but when racist white liberals remind them of their skin color they wanna rally us against them for their seat at the table. And I’m honestly tired of fighting for seats at the table. 

We have our own tables now. If Blacks AND Whites don’t want you at their’s then you might need a to-go plate! I still wish her luck, but I’m still watching Netflix because I know once the money is right she’ll be their biggest cheerleader. 

But for all those boycotting Netflix I sincerely hope you support Monique on tour…if you haven’t already


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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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