We’re always talking about these “great” single mothers in the community, and I’ll be the first one to tell you that we have some outstanding mothers in the community.  However, they aren’t as plentiful as some of us would like the rest of us to believe.  Some of you know a bad parent right now, but you don’t care enough to look at the signs. But since some of you are wondering how so many of our sweet, innocent children get taken advantage of, stories like this should give you some insight.

From AJC~

A Cobb County mother planned to send her 9-year-old to visit his grandparents. But she had no plans of driving the child to Macon herself, according to police.

Instead, Sheila Sherrie Joyner allegedly turned to the online website Craigslist, where she answered an ad from a man looking to share expenses while traveling to Florida. Joyner, of Marietta, didn’t know the Craigslist poster, who got concerned about the woman’s plans and called police, according to a Cobb County arrest warrant.

Cops: Mom hired Craigslist stranger to get son to grandparents

“At no time did accused get any information about this stranger and only communicated by text messages,” the warrant states. “Accused didn’t even know the last name of the stranger but only knew him as ‘Eric.’”

An undercover officer responded to Joyner and made arrangements to pick up the child Friday, according to the warrant.

“Said accused had the child brought to the RaceTrac on Delk Road by the babysitter and accused didn’t even go with the child to meet the ‘stranger,’” police stated in the warrant. “The accused lied to the babysitter, indicating that it was a friend of hers.”

Joyner was arrested Friday afternoon at her apartment and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Cobb County booking records show. Her bond was set at $1,000, but she remained in jail Tuesday for allegedly not appearing in court in an unrelated case, jail records show.

This woman found a stranger to drive her son all the way from Atlanta to Florida.  A stranger she met on Craigslist. She was going to send her 9 year old son across state lines with a man she did not know, and had only communicated by text with.  Let that sink in for a second while I make the assumption that if you go on her social media she’s giving herself gold stars for being single mom of the year. 

“Doing it on my own!”

“God got me!”

“My kids is my everything!”

I this were just an isolated incident then I wouldn’t bring it up, but all over the country we see the same trends. Children be abused, beaten, raped, whored out, and thrown away by parents who had them way too young or for all the wrong reasons.  It’s getting to the point now where we have generation raising themselves while they’re equally ratchet parents sit on Facebook all day taking shots at whose the worse parent. If we don’t start stepping in and changing this culture, how many more generations do you see it going on like this?

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