The Migos brand is “so hot right now” and show no signs of cooling off as evidenced by their soulful technicolor video for “Walk it Like I Talk it” featuring Drake which gives us  a 70’s Soul Train themed disco party joined by Jamie Foxx and Drake.

I like these guys imagination. I love the song and the video is a fresh spark in the sea of monotony which Qulture has become.

BUT if I were to say something negative {And I am} it’s how corny Drake looks in it.

And that offset should never wear pink. EVER.

Also…why was Jamie Foxx talking with a British accent? Was that a Don Cornelius impersonation attempt?

But that’s enough Shade.

It’s clear Migos are currently driving Qulture and I don’t mind the ride. I’m here for walking it like you talk it. Sometimes throwbacks can come off cheesy, and this was one of those times. But it was in a good way. It’s hard to NOT like the Migos. 


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