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So the Billy Porter dress worn to the Oscars was all over my timeline. I shared it on Instagram because I love a an old Gothic look. As I started scrolling my feeds I say the usual woke black people posts pointing at it as a symbol of the emasculation of the black male and I logged out and didn’t even watch the Oscars.


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#BillyPorter arrives to the #Oscars wearing #DealWithIt.

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{Many of you should try the same approach to social media when you see something you don’t like. I also do this when I’ve had too much to drink}
Anywhoo…Monday it was just post after post from heterosexual black men and women on the agenda to wipe out black masculinity, and sometimes it’ just gets to be too much. Which brings is to the post that got me banned from Facebook…..AGAIN for 30 days. Luckily Facebook doesn’t matter anymore and there are other sites to gain social relevancy, but my words were valid emotions for how us non-heterosexual black men feel about the wokes constantly confusing “sexuality” with “masculinity.”
Black gays get blamed for everything white gays do in the black community by weak half men constantly thinking we have an “agenda” to emasculate them when no one appreciates raw, and even toxic, masculinity like black gays.
I for one would love to see more black men so confident in the sexuality and masculinity that they go completely unbothered by a gay person wears to an elite Hollywood party which is basically gay theater anyway.
So to even be cordial with blacks we have to develop a tolerance to being called everything but a child of God and are usually putting in the most work while doing so. While pathetic black heteroze whine and cry about 1st world shyt without any tools of basic survival.
And someone like me is always stuck cause I reject LGBT, but rejected from the black collective as well but judged by their benchmarks of blackness.
Constantly asked by the same half men that will call you a “faggot” if I’m gay first or black first to which my answer is always “Negguh F*** you!”
I can do things most straight black men can’t only to be told I’m not masculine because of who I’m attracted to. 
I can fish, camp, swim, change my own oil, change a tire, change a sink, lay granite, paint a house, till the land, and pay Bill’s where I lay. 
And I gotta hear about my masculinity from black men who let their girl pump the gas. 
But that’s who you are now. Whining about your masculinity under attack to deflect the fact that they don’t know there’s more to masculinity than f***ingredients and fighting.
If all you wanna be is breeding bucks that pay half on dates then say that. Don’t pretend someone is bullying u into being cucks.
If your masculinity is under attack you’re not putting up much of a fight.
Now I’m sure some of you reading this are just as mad as those that read it on Facebook and reported it. And I’m not presenting this as any sort of fact or statement representing the entire black, gay community. These are my words. I for one am one of the biggest fans of black masculine strength. But I won’t pretend whining about who pays for a date or another man wearing a dress is masculine energy.
And, to be fair, I had words for the black women overly congratulating Billy Porter too much on the dress as well. Many were black women who I sometimes see as false allies of gay people. Sure they love flamboyant gays with the witty lingo and bold fashions who talk, walk, and act like sassy ghetto black women, but if you don’t fall into the category of being the sissy accessory then you’re just a “toxic male who wishes he had a vagina.”
They’ll snap and “yassssssss” when you wear a dress. And,  as long as your political beliefs, align with feminism and black girl magic they’ll tolerate you, but if you show any signs of masculinity it will be deemed toxic and you’ll get the same respect your heterosexual male counterparts who aren’t having sex with them gets. 

Now you’ll have bother heterosexual black males and women mad and the above statements, but don’t get thinks black gays are just supposed to eat it when we’re told we should be exterminated for the greater good of the community. Those will literally be their words and black gays are supposed to say “Oh ok.” But dare call out their oppression-based perceptions of gender and they get MAD mad. 


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#BillyPorter snatches the soul of #GlennClose.

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And for the record I don’t consider myself part of the LGBT. Black gays outside of Hollywood and the fashion industry aren’t even a consideration to the LGBT community unless you’re a top for pay with a BBC. I feel that a lot of the social activism by modern Americans is shallow and done merely for self gratification. Which is why we’re always at odds over base, 1st world bullshit that everyone knows won’t ever change but it’s a great way to pass time and look deep.
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