Mariah Cary is back! And I’ll admit that the last couple of times Mimi has been “back” haven’t delivered what we we’ve come to expect from her {It’s actually been quite sloppy and lazy}, but something about this cycle feels like we’re gonna get that familiar butterfly we all fell in love with.

The visuals for “With You” have just been released following the announcement by Mimi that the album title will be “Caution” {I love when she sticks to one word album titles} and released on November 16th.

A Mariah album in the Fall has it feeling like the old days. And I absolutely love this nostalgic, moody love song. I love that she’s not doing too much, but that the whisper singing isn’t so lazy it sounds like mumbling. The sound is very Music Box Mariah and the visuals give me some updated “My All” teeze. She even went and found the right color honey blonde wig this time to let us know that she’s serious and committed.

She looks amazing by the way

I think this is what my life has been needing. Mariah have us an album damn near every Fall of the 90s and my life was amazing then. With the current American climate some familiarity will due us all good.


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