MoniQue’s “Make it make sense” campaign is in full swing, and ALL the black feminists are prepared t make her their new “No one stands up for black women” martyr. They want black men to swoop in and save them so they can make as much money as the white men {So they can then turn around and brag about how much better black women are doing financially than black men}. On paper they know all the proper gaslighting catchphrases. Yes there’s a pay gap. Black women make .65 cents on the dollar to WHITE MEN. And now Mo is pretending she’s on a mission for ALL women, but the only problem with that is when Jada Pinkett tried to do the SAME THING at the Academy awards just a couple years ago she scoffed at The Smiths and called them selfish and short-sighted. I have the receipts right here if you don’t believe me. From the Big Tigger Podcast “Trending Topics.”

The Smiths spoke out last week in protest at the lack of black nominees for the 88th Academy Awards after Will was snubbed for his performance in Concussion.

Mo’Nique criticised the boycott as being about a trophy instead of focusing on the “bigger picture”.

“They’ve already won. Will is one of the few multi-million dollar actors that is of colour, he is one of the few,” she said in the radio interview.

“About ten years ago, the word was he was getting $20 million a film. If you’re getting $20m a film, ya’ll already won. You’ve won generationally.

“So do we stand up over a gold-plated trophy or do we stand up and say we need equal wages and equal treatment? And are we standing up now cause it’s in your backyard? The Oscars are no different to last year, the Oscars has not been different for what… the 89 years it’s been around?”

Mo’Nique also questioned why the Smiths, as well as other African-American production companies owned by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, haven’t done more for their own community.

“We do need to do more of that, the question now becomes why haven’t we?

“Those production companies have been around. Again, we only make noise when it’s in our backyard.”

“We do need to do more of that but we also need the quote unquote power players to make the noise, because when people call me and ask me my opinion, does it really matter? There’s not a button I can push. There’s not a decision I can make in that realm,” she said.

Critical of the awards in the past, Mo’Nique also spoke about the pressure she felt to “campaign” for her award.

“I didn’t do it the way people thought I should do it — they thought I was disrespecting the awards, I was disrespecting the game because I didn’t go out and campaign for the trophy,” she said.

“And I said from day one, why am I even campaigning for anything? I’m not running for anything, nor did I ask for the award. You guys nominated me for it and I am appreciative but that’s as far as I am going with it.”

I want MoniQue to get at her bag but, like she said, Netflix is just ONE production company. What are the others offering? And don’t forget…this is about statues! 😉

I just want Monique to make it make sense. Jada just recently came out in support of her but Monique seems to be all about Monique and garnering support for Monique, but when she isn’t the organizer and already has what makes her happy then she shyts on it!

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