I’ve been past looking at urban reality TV for any entertainment value for quite some time now. These days I look at it purely for sociological study.  You can learn alot about life from this ignorant shyt.  The most ratchet of them all, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, returns for a third season of “struggle lub”, and if you think there’s no bottom these attention whores won’t steep two for another three months of relevancy then you are wrong.  Stevie J & the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta crew return to give us a broadcast illustration of everything that’s wrong with modern black relationships. Watch the super trailer to see what their programming us to believe is how we should be getting along with each other.   I’m not sure how these actors do it.  The check can’t be that fat. Anyway, as a blogger I won’t be able to ignore the LHH phenom, but I can use it as a study guide of everything we should not be doing to one another.  And from the looks of the trailer there will be plenty examples.

Take a look at the trailer and post in the comments section who you think is selling their self-respect and soul the cheapest!

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