So another Justin Bieber “Nigger” video has surfaced, and this one was even more offensive than the first…….if it’s possible to be offended by Justin Bieber. I’m not so much offended but I do enjoy watching this entitled little prick drown in a PR nightmare. We could almost excuse the lame joke a couple days ago, but sitting around singing about killing niggers and joining the KKK is pretty hard to explain away.  You’ve got all your black sugar daddies looking real bad for co-signing for you right now.


The shady part of me (which is about 98%) can’t help but wonder which one of Justin’s black, millionaire boyfriends home boys will swing in to rescue him first. I think back to the Lamborghini Puffy bought him and the Bugatti Birdman bought him (baby gotta ride good), and wonder will they leave their vanilla dip hanging.

Floyd Mayweather swooped in and defended him after the first video surfaced the other day, but 50 Cent won’t be giving him too many more passes. You know he doesn’t like Floyd’s attention on anyone but himself.

Now quiet as it’s kept,  Justin was always aware these tapes would be a problem. After Usher discovered him, he told him about the tapes and Usher made him watch all these videos on racism and slavery, and supposedly that cured him.  Apparently, some unknown party has been blackmailing Justin. Rather than be a victim, Justin decided to releases the tapes himself with a plea for forgiveness. He posted this picture of a passage to his Facebook today.

My spirit is telling me this is some gay mess, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Qtips I have no discussion questions on this because an entitled little white boy singing out niggers and the KKK really isn’t news.  Justin’s great for SEO right now and after all he’s taken from black culture, I deserve a piece of the pie.  But for any of you still interested (I won’t blame you if you’re bored. I almost didn’t even finish this piece) who will be America’s top white bottom’s next shining black knight? #PlaceYourBets

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