So ummmm….Lil Kim is back. Apparently she’s calling her extended absence from Rap a “break” in her new single “Took us a Break.”

As far as I’m concerned it’s trash, but I’ve seen reports from other blogs that seem to love it. I personally coulda have left this Earth without ever hearing Queen Bee mumble rap, but when you’re an aging diva craving attention you have to be willing to try anything. 

I also find it COMPLETELY redundant. Like a woman this old should have a wider scope of content and depth than this. I highly doubt she wrote it. It gives me “Old lady trying appealing to a demographic that she shouldn’t even speak to without their parents permission.” Very “Test Drive” teeze.

I will say this though…I know we’re supposed to pretend Lil Kim is a Queen that deserves homage. I get it. Her contribution to rap cannot be denied, and she’ll never let us forget her Notorious B.I.G. side chic status, but I fell in love with a black woman all those years ago. I don’t know this woman and she’s done nothing to endear me to her. This new woman is a ghetto ass Chinese lady full of resentment and self esteem issues. I’m not sure why I’m supposed to pretend like this isnt a completely different person and that this new person is the opposite of blackness, but I won’t pretend to like trash just because it comes from some silicone blow up doll going by a familiar name.

Take another break sis! Putting mediocre content out when you don’t have to cheapens the brand 

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