So this poor unfortunate soul lost his mind in Houston yesterday after getting high off of embalming fluid KHOU is reporting. He appeared to be out there for a while with the amount of bystanders and drivers stopping to get a view of the excitement.

I know we’re in the Worldstar generation and it seems cute to pull out your phone everytime you think you see something amazing or out of the ordinary, but will anyone take a look at this and see how destructive the need for everyone to have their own private video is to the community?

I always say that I never get any great pics or video of the exciting things that happen to me because I’m too busy actually living in the moment. I deifnitely would not have had this on video because this man obviously needed some help.  Even if I couldn’t help him directly then I would damn sure be getting as many kids away from this scene as possible. In fact, there’s about ten other things I would have thought to do before pulling out my phone to record. #SoBasic

Look at all the adults.  it must be 20 of them lined up videotaping.  I’m confused why someone could not have covered him up while the others were videotaping and just gotten a copy of the video from someone else later if you just HAD to have a video of someone at their darkest time. Then they all wanna say on the news how awful it was because there were children around. BUT YOU WEREN’T THINKING OF THAT WHILE YOU WERE VIDEOTAPING WERE YOU?

I guess what really bothered me about this video was seeing so many adults trying to make a video before they protect the young kids around and while they let someone that looks like all of us suffer for the amusement of others.  At some point we’re going to have to learn to be empathetic again. Hopefully after the newness of the digital age wears off we can get back to caring about one another again.

Qmunity what are your thoughts on the matter?  We all like a funny clip, but where do you draw the line of what’s humor and when it’s time to take a serious approach?

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