Am I the only one whose noticed that 50 Cent has an almost unhealthy attachment to Floyd Mayweather?  I’m not trying to be messy, it just always seemed “odd” to me that 50 has taken on the role as commentator to everything that happens in Floyd’s life.  Especially when he’s constantly telling us that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his son, but has soooo much time to keep up with each and every detail of Floyd’s life. They just seem real “close.” #NoShade

So by now everyone has gotten word on the Floyd/T.I melee supposedly over Tiny in Las Vegas, and of course Fiddy has taken to his Instagram to attention whore give his commentary on the matter.

Real funny Fiddy! I chuckled a little….not at the video, but at the the thought that if you spent as much time bonding with your son as you do bonding with Floyd and keeping up petty social media mess you might have known when your son’s graduation was. Seems all of y’all are stuck in a perpetual childhood. Black millionaires fighting in the streets and making crank call videos…**sighs**  #CarryOn



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