Look ladies, I know you hate having your bodies policed (which is odd since they seem to always be on display), but how a grown person decides to like their life isn’t my business. But I definitely have to draw the line at child exploitation…which is just what I think Love and Hip hop star (and mother) Kimbella posted this picture of herself and her very young daughter (with Juelz Santana) in matching tacky silver bathing suits promoting children’s bathing suits to Instagram, and for so many reasons I wish she hadn’t.

The saddest part about this whole situation is that Kimbella won’t even know what she did wrong. It goes back to what I always say. It’s not that they don’t want to be protective, its that they are just so completely oblivious about what being protective is that it flies over their head.

No matter how much you speak about perverts, pedophiles, molestation, child rapes, child abductions, internet predators, and every other creep lurking in these digital streets,they just can’t pass up the opportunity to be “sexy”, nor can they resist pimping their kids for social media likes, but this is a new low and (this may sound hard to believe) I thought better. Not because I have high expectations of thots, but because at some point I do expect a mother’s protective instict to interceded some of these stupid decisions.  Yet it never does.

richard sherman

I don’t have kids so I try not to pass judgement too much, but the girl is pulling down her bottoms in this photo. There’s no way someone this vain and experienced with posting Instagram photos isn’t aware that this is suggestive, and if she is aware of it….what was she trying to suggest?

Kimbella (1)

With Father’s Day coming up the only positive thing I can squeeze out of such a creepy conversation is for men to start getting more involved. The bad thing is the worse the bay mother is directly proportional to how much more important it is to have some sort of decent influence on the child’s life. There has to be someone there to tell a young black girl “You can be anything you want..and THAT’S what will make you sexy…when the time calls for being sexy.” We need mothers that teach more than poses!


Qmunity when it comes to your Qids where do you draw that line at how much they are exposed?

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