I can admit that most of the whiplash I get from American feminism is from its intersectionality of white women, black women, heterosexual women, and lesbians. I just feel the obstacles are so vastly different they can’t fall under the same umbrella, but yet they make it work somehow. Which is probably why we get so many conflicting themes. One in particular is “What to do with Kim Kardashian?”

Her latest stunt {We’ll just call Braids and Boobs} has all the “Stop policing us and telling us what to wear” girls singing different songs. Women are now trying to use the “She’s a wife and a mother” narrative to shame Kim K. into putting on some clothes, but sexuality is her brand. Why can’t she have it all?

Then we have the black girls mad because she’s appropriating Fellaini Braids and calling them “Bo Derek” braids. But that sounds an awful lot like “policing” as well, doesn’t it? I mean… we can pretend we’re calling out “cultural appropriation”, but the truth is we’re telling another person that they can wear {or not wear} certain clothes, and to not do her hair a certain way, based on how WE feel about it.  And had she called them Beyonce Braids or Formation braids then we’d be mad at that, too, for some other reason.

On top of that, we’re “revoking” black cards based on a man’s ability to “control” his wife?!? I thought that went against what women preach as being equal to their partner?  How can a man “control” what his wife does on her own social media accounts without it being called Patriarchy and Misogyny?

{What’s the balance on this Black Card folks keep giving and taking back at this point?}

Let’s just admit you don’t like Kim Kardashian and stop trying to intellectualize it. I don’t like her for reasons I’m sure are just as shallow and superficial as yours, but I’m not trying to pretend it’s for this moral, self-sacrificing reason like the feminists are only so they don’t have to explain why “certain” women {Women who practice the freedom they speak of} aren’t included in the mantras they can write a 750 word blog on in 10 minutes flat.

In conclusion, there was a time Kim K. would have pissed me off. But now that I see how surface some of these principles are, and how they are only enforced when it’s time to marginalize someone we don’t like or wanna take down, and not out of a sense of integrity, I now feel everyone can do what they want. 

There are no righteous ones…..

Qool Hive do you see the double standards or is Kim Kardashian the limit of what should be accepted from women?

Qomments always welcome!

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