Poor Katt Williams. The star comedian seems to find himself in the most dangerous situations week after week. {Requests “God’s trying to tell you something from the choir)

Last week he was getting arrested for allegedly holding five women at gunpoint for their cellphones, and punching a convenience store clerk. This week he’s getting his ass dragged onstage at a Beanie Sigel concert.

Check out the footage:

As you can see in the video, Katt was up there showing his ass and acting a complete and utter fool. Those guys were nice to him and showed him pity, but it should have never gotten that far.

As a community we have to stop exploiting mental illness in our community and encouraging behavior that puts them in dangerous situations. Katt needs a friend and moral compass. Even if these antics are to get media attention we have a responsibility it’s time to get serious and stop giving this type of behavior attention. This is someone who clearly needs help, and I fear he’s going to end up dead thinking it’s ok to go around and attacking people.

Katt said he can provide proof that he’s drug free, so that leaves only mental disorder as the source of these issues. Either way I hope he gets the help he needs soon.

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