Kathy Griffin is still feeling a multitude of ways regarding the backlash from her Trump Severed Headgate. She’s convinced she’s been black listed and is lashing out at everyone around her. Sis is not going to go gently into the night and she’s recorded a 17 minute rant against Harvey Levin of TMZ, Andy Cohen, Lisa Bloom, and whoever else she could think of at Bravo while she was working on Life on the D-List” and “Fashion Police.”

She releases Harvey Levin’s private number and says Andy Cohen offered her cocaine.

Kathy Griffin for photographer Tyler Shields

I could care less about all of the superficial gay bullying she’s receiving from the senior citizen twink mafia Anderson Cooper, Andy, and Harvey. I’ve always found her to be more exploitive of gay culture than supportive so she probably has all of this coming. But her accounts  of being detained at every airport she travels to as retribution for her comedic speech against the President is alarming. We all know what type of man runs the White House now. But the abuse of power that we allow on one American today will be the abuse we all suffer tomorrow.

I also think applaud her for exposing Levin as well. He uses the TMZ platform to systematically bully black celebrities. His practices have proven to be biased against people of color and women. Andy Cohen exploits people of color and women for his own benefit as well through his Housewives brand. And Anderson is an elite twink whose done a good job at pretending to be empathetic to the problems of the 99%. Kathy can’t accept that they blackballed her to save their own careers. Sis really thought she would have a united front. 

Personally I liked the picture, but I’m positive now this isn’t playing out the way Kathy envisioned it in her head. She should have taken the retreat-penance- metamorphosis and re-emergence with new approach to life and different hair color that’s proven to be a success for rich whites in a jam.

But I’m rather pleased she chose to take the more entertaining route. Aren’t you? 

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