We hoped we had heard the worst of the situation with Saint Pablo Kanye West, but the bad news keeps rolling in.

According to TMZ:

Kanye West has been taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

According to law enforcement sources … cops responded to a call for a welfare check on Kanye around 1:20 PM PT. He wasn’t at his home at the time. We’re told paramedics also responded and ended up transporting Kanye to the hospital by ambulance.

Sources connected to Kanye tell us he was getting checked out by one of his doctors for severe sleep deprivation when someone — possibly the physician — decided he needed to be admitted.

Law enforcement sources tell us Kanye did not want to go, and was restrained when he was transported. 

How Did We Get Here?

Just six weeks ago Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in the residence she was staying in with Kanye while he performed in Paris. Ever since that night things have seemed to be getting darker and darker for the couple. Kim a become a recluse. And Kanye has been “oversharing” n his Saint Pablo tour.

The latest episode{Featured in video Below}features his very candid and current feelings regarding JayZ, Beyonce, MTV, and the music establishment at his Sacramento show. He specifically pointed out Beyoncé informing MTV she would not perform if she did not win album of the year at the awards show. He performed only three songs that night along with a 30 minute rant before walking off due to “vocal Problems.”

Earlier in the week he was at the center of controversy for saying he would have voted for Trump IF he would have voted at all. At one point in his Sacramento rant he begs JayZ to call him instead of sending his goons to kill him. He’s also said in earlier shows that their children have never met. Seems Jay was kind and only asked the elite to pull the plug on the show instead of him.

From Rolling Stone:

Kanye West has canceled the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour, the rapper’s representative confirmed to Rolling Stone. No reason for the cancellation was provided. West’s rep added that tickets will be “fully refunded at point of purchase.” Live Nation also confirmed to Rolling Stone that the remaining Saint Pablo dates are canceled. West has not personally commented on the announcement.”

Kanye will find little judgment from me, as easy as anyone could at this point, because I’ve been there. Going through a traumatic event and will have you looking at the world a lot differently. Especially if you plotted on, attacked and felt abandoned by loved ones. I can’t watch a black man publicly unravel like this.

But I also don’t think it’s fair that Beyonce and JayZ deserve to be bullied in this manner by a guy that they have helped succeed. From the outside Kanye just looks like a guy mad with his friends for not liking his wife. I don’t believe people should be forced to associate with people they feel that strongly against just to appease everyone. And I definitely don’t think Kanye’s shows should be dedicated to arranging playdates between North West and Blu Ivy. If the Carters aren’t seeing it for you they did help you build your own kingdom. Sure. You’d love to believe that when you start to stumble mentally those around you will care, but that will usually end in disappointment. 

So it’s a sad situation. Here we have this genius devolving in front of us. But he has for some time now if we’re honest and we laughed at all the signs. Now….this cancelling of the tour and hospitalization is all very suspicious to me. I’m way to suspicious to ignore that his rants pissed off some very powerful people who don’t like being pissed off. People with the ability to make things look however they want them to look, and to make people believe what they want them to believe. Good Luck Kanye!


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