A charity basketball game organized to help the “Put Down the Pistol” campaign, an anti-gun violence initiative supported by various community groups in the city was interrupted when one of its coaches, Lil Wayne, interrupted the game to intimidated and harass a referee whose calls he disagreed with TMZ reports.

You heard that right. Lil Wayne tried to start a fight with a referee at a Stop the Violence campaign.

In the above clip you can see the gremlin get all into the ref’s face as the ref throws his hands up in surrender and leaves the floor where he is then followed and taunted by the Gremlin some more.

Wayne’s team was playing against St. Louis rapper, LooseCannon SLIM, at the St. Louis University’s Chaifetz Arena when he had enough of a series of calls against and decided to handle the situation like anyone with zero home training…..a complete fool.

It’s not like we expect anything better from Wayne, and I understand he’s the Hood Gawd, but my only problem with this is the example it sets for impressionable young men who (God knows why) look up to him. These young men are already surrounded by violence while Wayne squanders away his privilege beefing with Young Thug. Perhaps this time mentoring would have been better spent showing the young men good sportsmanship and just enjoying the game for what it is like gentlemen….but that would take class. Thanks for showing our youth positive conflict resolution Wayne!


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