After week’s of internet challenges on Instagram featuring the single “In My Feelings” from Drake‘s Scorpion album the visuals have finally hit the Digital Streets!

Filmed here in New Orleans the “In My Feelings” video finally reveals to us the identity of Keke. None other than Lala Anthony who plays the saditty “creole” from the 7th ward with Phylicia Rashad hilariously playing her mother. {These are my own interpretations}

Without spending too much time overanalyzing the video I’ll say that I liked the mood of it. The nostalgic filter gave me a 1984 World’s Fair vibe over a late 90’s bounce scene teeze. Thank God he used local twerkers with local shapes {girls down here don’t really do the ass shot thing}.

The Candid shots of Gene’s Po-boys and Big Freedia gave it an authentic, but not forced feel. But it was New York City comedian Shiggy, creator of the “In My Feelings Challenge” who stole the show with his perfect comedic timing.

But let’s spend a couple lines on Drake’s New Orleans accent and grill teeth while playing 7th ward Trade. The creole hard hardhead. Accent was trash, but that’s to be expected. He nailed the “I’m begging for your affection so I can treat ya like shyt” swag all the girls seem to love around here. {No Shade lol}

For a more accurate representation of the present accent check out local comedian and viral sensation Rob Kazi. {Shameless plug for local talent}

But in the end it was all a dream. Which was a great way to let Drake off the hook for pretending to be a Nola dude as well as tie in Shiggy helping the song go viral through his dance challenge.

In the end I’m not sure the video lived up to the hype generated by the online dance challenge and the local buzz around the city surrounding the filming. Everyone was ready for……I don’t know……More.Β 

But for a tourist’s introduction to bounce is wasn’t awful. We’ll let it through!

{We’re real arrogant about our dysfunction here.}

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. β€œI say it so you don’t have to!”
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