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I’m doing things a little different this year on www.TheVitaminQ.com. I’m going back to basics and writing from my perspective on the Qulture I see around us. And most of our Qulture is driven by social media these days. The Great Experiment of the 21st century as its been called. It’s been capable of shaping our thoughts, controlling what we deem is news, and bringing toxic people across the world together in fellowship and brotherhood. And it’s certainly done just that. Especially for one subgroup within the black community who feels they’ve become our representation in totality…Hoteps

{Which used to have such positive connotations to it.}

Back when we were pretending black lives mattered we saw The Rise of the Hoteps on social media where ex-cons and sex workers transformed into Kings, Queens, gods, and goddesses overnight. And with this newfound deity status they then took to policing social media like the galactic federation.

At first all of this seemed noble. They appeared to be attacking racism, but once they saw that Mark Zuckerberg had absolutely no interest in making Facebook a place void of white supremacy and that reporting white people didn’t secure them the wins, likes, and shares they thought it would in the long run. So most of them turned on each other. Like you see with TariQ Nasheed, “Dr.” Umar Johnson, and Boyce Watkins on Youtube.

But on a smaller level the most aggressive have been the women-ran hotep cybergangs. I’ve battled them more times than I can count and won more times than lost. There have been casualties I must admit. A website, an up- and coming FB page, an Instagram, and even a job, but I truly believe that Freedom of expression is one of our last great rights of humanity. So I say what the fuck I want and take my licks that come with it. I believe this so much that when I had people out there using my name to report people to jobs and doxxing those they didn’t agree with I cut ties immediately. But that makes it even worse because these hoteps are an unhinged bunch. Telling them you don’t align with their tactics is a declaration of war. That’s when they retreat to their backup accounts and get in their secret Facebook groups to block mass reportings to get pages taken down. They do all this while claiming to be so unbothered. 

In fact, some have become so dependent upon cyberlynchings that they troll pages LOOKING to be offended, so they can run back to their Facebook groups with altered screenshots to get the rest of their “sister circle” as angry as they are and ready for a thread war. But is this the “community activism” and “work” they are putting into the community that they speak of? Because to me it just seems like foolishness and bullshyt. The same thing everyone else is on social media for. But for some reason they want to be treated as if they’re doing God’s work.

They hop from thread to thread mad, angry, and over-sensitive. But their true motivations are ego and attention. But because most of them haven’t developed talents or skills that would attract that attention for anything outside of doing youtube videos about white girls wearing box-braids they are also full of frustration and desperation from realizing that everyone is on to their gimmick. And everyone is. Everyone is starting to see that these attacks aren’t motivated by some moral sense of what is righteous, but merely some under-achievers trying to hold on to the attention they were getting back when Obama Christ ran the country and liberal media pretended to hear out their concerns.

But I have a dream that social media could be fun again if you just block them as soon as you see them. Will you stand with me in clearing hoteps from our feeds so we can start having fun on here by the Spring?

They can report every social media account but these are my free thoughts. They can’t run to White Daddy Zuckerberg here!

I Love Us Y’all 😉



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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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