By now we’ve all seen the racist H&M ad circling that demonstrates how International brands love launching passive aggressive subtly racist marketing campaigns that give a little elbow nudge to racists all around the globe. Its tragic. It’s demonic. And it’s racist. Now what? So we’re supposed to boycott H&M or we lose our black cards? I’m fine with that, but I have additional questions.

One of the first is “Have we finally found something black feel “safe” giving up?”

Because we know if its something we really like, or even kind of like, we’ll rant about it for a week and you’ll find the kids right back rummaging through those clearance racks. So I kinda wanna skip all that. I’m tired from watching blacks pretend to give up football, and black Friday, and support black businesses.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather all the black blogs get their hits off this than contrive some story hype-beasting some mediocre and natural nuance of black life and pretending it’s “magical.” But we also have to put things into perspective. Most of my newsfeed looks like “Well we made a statement, but I’m not sure why I have to give up something that I like.” And that’s fine. It’s also fair that if someone like H & M they can accept it as a racist brand and still catch a sale. 

There are no righteous ones among us that should be policing anyone’s boycott or support for establishments that support white supremacy now that so many of us exhibit that sports and entertainment are excluded. I’d love to flex our financial muscle, but I know how addicted black Americans are to white America and how easily they trade in that righteous indignation for a little validation.

We could easily say “support black designers”, but then your favorite rapper will make you feel poor for not being dressed in European labels.

When you show your oppressor that no matter how much they undermine you that you will still laugh and dance and entertain them you’ll receive a seat at the table, but “respect” won’t be served.

That’s just my interpretation…of the situation.


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