The writing was all over the wall like a loose girl’s phone number at a bus station bathroom.  Columbus Short’s on-screen “scandals’ have been overshadowed by his off-screen dramas, and it looks like he’s come to the end of the road with Shonda Rhimes and will not be returning for a 4th season of the hit show.

He gave this statement through his publicist~

“At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television today. I would like to first thank [creator] Shonda Rhimes for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast. Thank you GLADIATORS, who have supported me throughout my entire career and of course to ABC and Shondaland for allowing me to play such a pivotal role in the Scandal series. I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful.”

See this is why you can’t hire your black friends or let them use your name as a reference.  You put em in these gravy situation and all they have to do is show up for work, stay out of trouble, and pick up their check.  I’m not sure why he thought Shonda was going to let his private struggle life put her empire on the line, but he only needed to ask Isiah Washington what a good course of action that was. He took that gladiator shyt home with him to his detriment.

I’m sure no one sees this as a surprise, but still it would have been great to see him turn it all around and get his focus back together.  Either way the show goes on.

Qmunity what do you guys think?  Did he have it coming or should his private struggles been looked over?

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