Let’s just jump right into it. If you need an update on the mess then The Grapevine did a great job of it at THIS hyperlink. I really don’t want want to have to go to all those wretched pages to piece it all together for you. If you’re too lazy here are the bullet points.

Bullet Points:

-Social Media mavens Jess Hilarious and Camyonce decided to out Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood‘s Hazel E‘s “boyfriend” Rose Burgundy.

-Rose replied with a burning rainbow flag and saying that all gays should burn.

Hazel E cosigned the “gays should burn” statement and added by calling dark skin black women “monkeys” and saying that they have always been jealous of her.

-Twitter then dragged the tragic mulattos through broken glass and piss.

-Hazel E and Burgundy have made their Instagram pages private.

I don’t like ANYONE involved in this shyt on EITHER side and here’s why:


Let’s be real @hazelebaby you keep running from the truth but stink I’m tell it so deny all you want

A post shared by Camyonce Minaj👑 (@therealcamyonce) on

Camyonce: You’re an out gay man. Don’t let yourself be used in these beefs caping for homophobic black girls trying to make a come-up by knowing all the gay tea. There is nothing noble in that. In fact, it’s quite sad. These blogs don’t love gaze. They steal gay culture and go viral outing gays but will be the first rationalizing why gay and trans dehumanization is ok and will start quoting a book they don’t live by to do it. I’m beyond tired of seeing mean, catty gays let homophobic black women trick them into doing their bidding. The mere fact you use your relationship with someone against them is indicative of how you feel about yourself. You’re a popular gay blogger. Be impactful. Not cliché. #RootingForYou


Photo From Baller AlertJess Hilarious: I’m tired of Kevin Hart in a wig. Everything she does is an imitation and some of it is kinda cute. I guess. But for the most part she’s trying to make being a troll a talent and I don’t see it that way. When you find yourself plotting and scheming to release personal information just for the sake of mess and tea then where else can the situation bring us, but HERE? I’m completely against Out Culture. At this point it’s only sensational to blacks and it’s become that joke that heterosexual woman are playing on their gay friends while laughing in their face. I think there’s other ways to do comedy. The person whose ONLY funny when talking about everyone else isn’t very funny. You wanna be the new Wendy Williams who spills all the gay tea without realizing that the industry is gay and that’s not going to make you the friends you think. But whatever I think of her comedy she is a pretty woman and should not be referred to the way she was. #FindYourIdentity


Rose Burgundy: If you’re straight, gay, bi, DL, or pansexual I don’t really care. You’re a piece of shit whoever you decide to sleep with. I’m sure the violence you incite against gays stems from inner turmoil, but this is 2017 and it’s become redundant. Just know that you’ll never convince anyone that you’re a straight man, or a decent one, with that type of rhetoric. it works in the black community because gays are all they can oppress, but if you wanna be a black man playing these industry games you’ll soon learn your place and perhaps wish you were a bit more empathetic. #LearnToLoveYourself

Hazel E: Women like you are too sad to insult. Somewhere along the way your mother made you feel like you were a little bit better. Some will fault her for this, but I get it. When your kid is ugly you try and find something positive to say, so you tell them they are more beautiful because of whatever it is that makes them different. But Hazel E started shading black women who bleach when she’s the one who uses bleaching cream. The problem I have with her whole demeanor is you can tell this is always at the front of her thought process since it’s the first thing she says when black women say anything remotely critical of her. But it is very odd for a woman whose had as much plastic surgery and bleaching as she to be so arrogant about her looks and abusive of actual black beauty. Those “trips” to Dubai have given have emboldened her to speak her truth, and now that it’s spoken she’ll have to deal with the consequences. #DieAndStartOver

So all  four of these people are losers in my opinion because it was an unnecessary and regressive conversation held on a very public platform. I know famewhores are in right now, but it definitely shouldn’t be at the expense of marginalizing black gays and melanated women.  I would tell ALL to do better, but I’m sure we all know they simply aren’t able.

But as much as we want to bash Hazel we have to remember she was taught to be this way and Rose Burgundy was taught to hate as well.

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