Ever since Christopher Nolan rebooted the Batman franchise I haven’t been able to get enough of it.  When the Batman Begins prequel trilogy ended I wondered where I might get my fix on all that Gotham city mess we’ve all come to know and love.  Well I have to wonder no more.  Fox has developed a television prequel to the prequel that goes back even further into the backgrounds of those that would be Gotham’s finest and worst citizens in the future.

Unfortunately from the trailer fro the series there are some things I’m seeing that may create some issues.  We see a young Catwoman and young Poison Ivy demonstrating characteristics of their later villain selves when clearly both these villains didn’t manifest into their alter egos until they were much older.  Being that this is a FOX show I’m not even sure we should get invested.  FOX loves building things up then cancelling them after 3 episodes.  But sources say a whole season has been ordered, so at the very least it’ll provide a good NetFlix binge.  Plus it’s got my boy Ben Mckenzie from The O.C. as a young Commissioner Gordon and Jada Pinkett Smith as a gang boss starring in it, so maybe the network is invested. Check out more info on the main site for details http://www.fox.com/gotham/.

Qmunity are you here for it?

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