Yesterday Elle came over to work on a project. As we wrapped up she tells me that she’s always being asked about the best date spot in NOLA (not this again). My initial reaction was to entertain this and actually brainstorm on some good date ideas. Then we began to consider “who’s asking this and why?” I get asked this question so many times (as if I’m really the dating guru) that it confuses me because “how hard is it really?” I mean, people are still going to end up doing the same thing they always do anyway.

See the list below…

Expensive restaurants, pricey events, all-expense paid trips (if either person on the date can’t enjoy this situation, you’re just a bad date period).

Free events, an inexpensive “best value” bottle of wine in the park (so ladies don’t act like you don’t drink cheap wine at home), and work-out dates (which are really productive and fun actually).

Fancy restaurant first date, moderately priced restaurants after that, inexpensive events, activity dates (corny stuff like corks and canvas), and a bite to eat before catching a movie (enjoy, not a cheap date since IMAX 3D moved in and the dollar show shut down). Oh yea, sometimes they’ll try to cook for you, too.

Cheap bars maybe (the ones that you can still smoke in) when you’re not “chillin at the crib” (can make a lady feel comfortable enough to show her crazy, sexy, “I don’t give a FuQ either” side).

With the information provided above you can fill in the blanks with a number of places that, over time, will eventually become boring, depending on the person that you’re with. Sure, I see the lists on and the personal reviews on YELP; every city has similar lists and similar reviews. Really, when you think about it, “what ISN’T a good date spot?”, I would say “da club”, but for some couples that’s their thing! A good date spot isn’t nearly as important as WHO YOU DATE.

That being said, what dating really comes down to for most people is sex and how they’re going to get it. Below is an example of what goes through my mind when asked this question by men and women:

HER: Krystal, what’s a good date spot?
ME: Oh, you mean a place that he can take you that you won’t feel guilty about giving it up so soon?

HIM: Krys, what’s a good date spot?
ME: Oh, you mean a place that you can take her to guarantee that you get some tonight?

Am I lying doe?? You don’t need to be a dating expert to understand this. It all depends on what you want and what you can afford financially and especially emotionally at any particular time. But then again, I’m not a dating guru. You tell me. I’m just Krys…

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