It must have been a real slow day over at Billboard this week. I’m not sure how with a Parisian massacre and Charlie Sheen revealing the secret ingredient to Tiger’s Blood to keep their Qulture vulture bloggers busy.

Whatever the reason for the boredom over there it’s no excuse for them to wake up one day and declare themselves “Experts of Hip Hop” and present this Garbage & Bullshyt Top Ten Rappers of All Time List as some sort of Holy Grail of a genre they obviously know little about.

The Top Ten 

1. Notorious B.I.G.

2. JayZ

3. Eminem

4. Rakim

5.  Nas

6. Andre 3000

7. Lauryn Hill

8. Ghostface Killah

9. Kendrick Lamar

10. Lil Wayne

You see the problem?

First of ALL of them….I hate to even acknowledge a rap list that doesn’t include Tupac, and the only reason I am is because Billboard is such a saturated brand in these digital streets. This isn’t just some mom and pop blawg like me trying to make it on clapbacks and screenshots. They were around in the print days. How can an entertainment brand of this caliber think it’s acceptable to exclude Hip Hop’s James Dean.


“I am the list”

Our righteous rebel. No matter how smug these mega blogs have gotten you don’t exclude Tupac without calling into question your credibility. Point Blank. That kind of disrespect used to have Suge Knight showing up at your offices after business hours.

tupac middle finger

Regarding you list!

Which brings me to Eminem. Look, he was clever when he was rapping about ecstacy, his mom’s drug problem, his psycho obsession with Kim, and acid trips. But there hasn’t been too much that post activation of Eminem clone sober Eminem has had to say that I’ve found history making. I don’t mind him being on the list but #3? I’m not seeing it.


Speaking of “Too high on the list” {Looking at you JayZ}. Nevermind. I don’t have the energy.


And I’ll end with a “Why are they on the list?” with Lauryn and Kendrick. Whom I like as people, but haven’t given us enough material for them to be considered greats. GREAT should come with consistency and a discography. I need to see growth and longevity to consider someone to be a Master of their Craft. Calling Kendrick great is like when chics get on Facebook saying the guy they started screwing last week is like a father to her kids.

Lauryn was a Supernova who incinerated trying to live up to her own contrived hype {We know she didn’t write the songs}. After she stiffed everyone that worked on her first album and no one would fuQ with her she picked up a guitar and tried getting deep. It didn’t work. So “No” I’m not letting her through over other Women Mc’s that legitimately put in the work long term. Not on my watch.


If you’re going to put Kendrick on the list then you may as put anyone on it. I’m not saying he isn’t talented. I’m saying he hasn’t shown me enough to be considered great. I cant with this millennial urge to give everyone a cookie for participation. That’s the reason we have mediocre rappers like Young Thug thinking that they are winning! Give Kendrick something to work toward. Groom him to be the best instead of just handing it to him for lack of a talent pool. I’m not saying he won’t be there, but I’m pretty confident in saying he isn’t there yet. Keep at it though kid!


Other than that everything else is Qool.  I mean…as cool as it’s gonna be.

I guess Billboard figured…

All we have to do is take these lies and make them true somehow“~ George Michael

…….but that’s not how this works. That’s not how ANY of this works.

Qmunity what did you all think of Billboard’s official list? I see it debated all over these feeds. Not because it’s the most important thing we could be talking about, but perhaps for that very reason!


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