Look I be here for the mess in the Digital Streetz, and the hottest independent brand out there right now is TS Madison’s The Queen’s Court and it’s loss of Khia {Muddy Pussy} Shamone who has now started her own podcast called Gag Order.

We already know how they fell out and now the breakup has become the cliché everyone knew it would be. In typical Toxic Black Girl fashion Khia has resorted to homophobic slurs and now insinuating goons are after Funky Dineva.

I have a couple problems with this bullshyt.

First of all these conscious thugs that told you not to mess with the “sissies” and the “punks”….why aren’t they buying your music or supporting you? Because if they were you wouldn’t even need to “work” with ONLY homosexuals because your name is shyt in the industry and they are the only ones who will.

Why did these hood niggas not get at Plies for dragging you through the gutter of the digital streetz? I mean he literally called you “muddy pussy” and no one did anything but laugh, but now you have hood niggas looking for Funky Dineva, and you’re dumb enough to broadcast that you’ve incited a hate crime because {like you just said} a man shouldn’t be talking about a “Queen.” Nevermind the fact that this Queen of the garbage heap has been low budget blogging and “roasting and gagging” for a living, but as soon as you get roasted now you have hood niggas ready to fight.

What are you the Queen of?

And we’re supposed to not talk about YOUR kids and grandkids but you put all of Toya and her daughter’s business {lied on them} for your show. Along with all the other men you blatantly attack. You’re saying when your bum ass gets dragged you have this army of righteous, conscious hood niggas to protect your honor?

This illustrates a problem that many gays face with toxic fag hags. Bitches who get next to them for elevation and the when they are read to bail they cover it with “the gays bullied me I need you all to kill them because they’re fags anyway.”

Personally, I have always had a big problem with TS Madison partnering with this thrush tongued homophobe for entertainment. Gays have got to guard the gate better than this. Black gays don’t have to lower themselves to working with bums just for black heterosexual acceptance. Leave a bitch where she’s at.

Then you have ATLien’s bum ass jumping on the Khia bandwagon because she fell out with Quentin|Funky Dineva years ago after her surpassed her. Its all so toxic, petty, and vindictive, and shows how black women will insert themselves into gay environments then get vindictive when they can’t control the situation.

Next Thrush Tongue accused TS Madison of stealing the Queen’s Court from her.

To which Maddie had to respond and laid out all the receipts to where she paid for the website and trademark while the bum rode around smoking weed with these “ponks” she claims to hate so much now.

Instead of roasting, gagging, starting fights, and throwing gay slurs perhaps Khia should take a business course. Because anyone that didn’t see Maddy was handling all the business, had all the money, and all the people on her platform needs help getting through life.

I’m sure Khia won’t have anything legal or tangible to prove ownership of this show so even if she did create it she should use this as an opportunity for education on how to brand herself legally going forward. Going live on periscope does not a brand make.

Now Dineva has alluded to the fact that Khia is no friend to reality or the truth and now that I see her reasoning skills at work I think I agree with him. {Also, her teeth bother me}

And while Khia is saying everyone is using her for hits I notice she only peeked at around 3k last night while TS Madison trended ALONE on Twitter today.

Now the ladies are said to be still going on tour together and doing public appearances even though they won’t be filming together, so this is sure to be a tragic entertaining mess. And that Obama is gone we don’t have to pretend we aren’t into mess anymore.


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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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