I’m really trying with fellow New Orleanian August Alsina. He has a great voice, and I love his songs. His new album “Testimony” is a great introductory album.  I call it Thug R&B, but I think there’s a great market for that in the urban community. I understand his clean-cut bad-boy appeal, but sometimes the bad-boy archetype can be taken too far.  When it starts to get dark in a spiritual manner it’s time to take a step back and ask ourselves what’s really going on. Certain things we just can’t allow into our spirit and death, suicide, and black men hanging from nooses at the top of my list.

Last night Alsina posted the above picture to his Instagram account and needless to say it didn’t sit right with a lot of fans. The shot of him hanging from a beam by a rope tied in noose was accompanied by the words “Rest in peace Aug. Forever missed. #HoldYouDownForLife” and rumored to be a still from his upcoming video for “FML (FuQ My Life).”  Not exactly happy summer music but if this is how he wants to present himself then I’m not going to hate.  I’m just also not going to participate.  If this is the place he’s in then I’m sorry to hear that, but nothing good follows this type of dark imagery. I’m not sure this is exactly the message black youth needs right now, but if this is his truth then so be it. I’d just hate to see life imitate art so if there’s any advice I can offer a gifted artist it’d be to be careful where we let our talents take us. Everyone loves a tragic story, but a tragic story can only end one way!  Come back to the Light Aug!

Qmunity what do you think about the shot?  Artistic? Or a little too dark for your taste?



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