Frank mad

I’m gonna separate my review of the Grammy’s from my review of Frank Ocean’s performance because I think Frankie O deserves his own plate of Filth and sugar sandwiches.  Frankie, I’ve been trying to blanket you in understanding and acceptance for a long time, but something never really clicked.  I never really threw blatant shade, but I never shared any YouTube videos of your songs on my page either. You have a lot of fans though, and they deserved better than what u threw together while u waited for your Molly delivery in the parking lot.

For the entire night something seemed “off” about you.  You walked up to get your first Grammy like you were the one these bishes should be trying to get like.  Then you gave one of those little fake humble speeches that came off more arrogant than anything sicne this actually was your first grammy.  Knowing you were about to give us such a crappy performance and show us all you don’t deserve the award you are getting shoulda inspired you to serve the kids a showing of appreciation, but you decided that wouldn’t be your path tonight.


And that’s great!  Personally I think either Miguel or your nemesis Chris Brown deserved the award, but we knew all Chris was going home with was looks of judgement and cotton mouth, so I put down my wine and sent congratulations!


This was Your night, and thus far you had not given me any real reason to throw shade.  Then you took the stage to perform a song called Forrest Gump.  I’m assuming that’s the name.  I don’t have the album.  The song began odd, but we’d just been through an entire night of folk music so I stayed open minded.   Then I saw that “look” in your eye.  I’ve seen that look many a time living here in New Orleans.   It was struggle.

why am I here

Then I realized.  He’s making this shyt up.  We’d been through a whole verse and a chorus and still didn’t have a melody.  He’s just tapping on those keys like someone’s struggle baby in a music store.  This is when I started to feel personally disrespected as a human being.  I felt like I had no control.  Since there was no point to the song, it was possible it could go on forever.  The graphics began to draw me. confuse me and annoy me at the Same Damn Time!

PM yellow with screen

Members of the audience were equally offended!


However, by this time it was too late.  Ms. Ocean was fully in her emotions and we were all just gonna have to deal with it.  No turning back.   I’m not sure whats brought Frank out of character like that, but I do know that once the trade is in your mind, you better call forth the power of the Lord to free you.  Halfway through the performance Chris brown was completely taken over by the spirit of Shade.  He leaped to his feet filled with the fire of the Shady Ghost.  When he started speaking in tongues Rihanna had a Grammy 2009 flashback and went and sat by Jay-Z.


That was way too much Shade coming from the front row. His enemy getting his life just a couple feet away drove poor Frank to start whistling while he finished spilling his bussy juice all over the stage.  It was  really just a consistent mess.  Then it ended.  Everyone in the audience sat there with that look on their face as if they had just been touched wrong on their No-No spot.  Frank turned around and walked off stage. If he was smart, he kept walking home.   He should pawn that Grammy to get him and the trade a dime bag to help him sort out whatever the hell is going on internally so that no one ever has to be pulled into that again.  I was not pleased, nor did I find anything artsy or enjoyable about the performance.  However, I know someone who enjoyed it Very, Very Much! #Shade


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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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