It’s Mardi Gras time here in New Orleans, and while it’s branded and sold as The World’s Greatest Party and that we’re all one big, happy, drunken family nothing could be further from the truth. New Orleans is a racist town that hides behind liberalism. Nothing could have exhibited that more than when Mayor Mitch Landrieu ordered confederate monuments  to be taken down in 2017 and Nazis and Klansmen swarmed upon the city for weeks. The most famous monument taken down would be of General Lee’s at Lee Circle in Downtown New orleans. Nazi blogs like The Hayride posted blogs written completely in Klan-Speak on a daily basis while locals got all their racial frustrations out in the comment threads.

And frustrated they are. They are still pressed and upset about These Klan statues and they plan to make a statement this Mardi Gras with probably the “least” racist, but MOST passive aggressive to blacks they could find.  “Forever Lee Circle” beads.

Real Classy, but so cliché. I’m sure they’ll be all the rage on the Uptown routes. I wonder if they’ll throw them to klansmen with Lee Circle posters and decoration on their houses or throw em to blacks from moving floats while wearing masks in the dark like klansmen? {I vote B.}

Either way it seems these Confederates are more attached to statues of dead men than actually getting along with the living residents of New Orleans. These beads will be thrown for one reason….to communicate to black people that the whites in this area do not like them. IF I CATCH ANY I’M THROWING THEM BACK!

Mardi Gras has a dark side they don’t tell you about. We’re not all one big happy family partying together! Local racists have used Mardi Gras as their racial whipping post since it began. The Forever Lee Circle beads are just status quo.

Qool Hive how do you feel about the Lee Circle Mardi Gras throws? Racist? Trolling? Passive Aggressive? or just good Mardi Gras Fun?

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