Parts of this blog will be problematic. This isn’t an apology, but it is a warning.

Another day. Another Clickbait, fake outrage campaign to dispute. Pay attention because everyone is trying to get their “i’m a good person” points all while contriving the outrage they claim to be speaking out against. Today we’re pretending to be outraged that RnB singer Ginuwine, whose competing on this season’s UK Celebrity Big Brother, wouldn’t let transgender houseguest India Willoughby kiss him after she revealed her frustration with not being seen as a woman and what she defines as “transphobia” {Even though I would not say her definition is actual transphobia.

{Now I should add here that I am NOT straight. I have to say that now because I need to drag the gay community for a moment and I didn’t want them branding me a homphobe. I’m not. But I am a catty Queer blogger and sometimes that can be just as bad. Now is one of those times.}

Here’s the thing. I know we like to pretend that Transgenders are apart of the gay community, but that’s not exactly accurate for all of them. There are those that revel in their Queerness and there are those that truly try t transform into women mind, body and soul and that type absolutely NEEDS men to see them as women. And I mean no disrespect by saying they aren’t women. BUT to laymen they are not. That’s just life. Moving on.

I cringed when I first started seeing the blog post titles. I just new I was going to see some cringeworthy homophobic black man display. I found just the opposite. I found Ginuwine to be open to hearing a story that wasn’t his and responding to it positively. BUT, what I also saw was that India is VERY attracted to G and using control dramas and emotional guilting to express these emotions. 

Now here’s where everyone went left. All the black kids used this as a way to passively shade gays. Now you have all these women protesting that if someone doesnt wanna kiss someone they shouldn’t have to{ And all the other soundbytes they’re using because they finally found a way to make their actual homophobia seem warranted).

There’s also the issue of no one was really mad at Ginuwine for not not kissing India. So many liberal bloggers use oppression for clicks so they create the oppression.

“Oh my God. Look at all these people who hate gays.”

“Social media is going crazy after this person did this.”

We have GOT to stop letting these clickbait culture vultures get us all riled up about things that never happened.

Here’s two other factors that pissed me off in this dynamic. Honestly, the way G reacted would have a been a great example for straight men listening to gay and trans stories without freaking out on them or disrespecting them. G did EVERYTHING right. He listened without judging and even explained his preference in a manner that SHOULD NOT have been challenged. But white trans like to be women but retain their white male privilege. India felt ENTITLED to a date and a kiss. And this from people giving themselves a parade for #MeToo. The hypocrisy of this. If this were a man and woman it would have been called “groping” and the whole show would have been shut down. Had G forcibly hugged a white woman while trying to steal a kiss the trans would have been tweeting “Me Too” in the morning.

You can’t use the transphobia as a way to guilt or shame someone into an attraction they aren’t open to. You can’t cry cause someone doesn’t wanna fuck you. You can’t cry and whine for dick sis. That’s not how this works sis. G is cute. He’s nice and you started liking him. He told you he doesn’t date trans just as casually as saying he doesn’t like blondes. 

**Gay Shade Alert**

I mean let’s face it. You’re no Sharon Stone sis. You’re not slaying any categories. You’re not taking home crowns and sashes. What makes you think you can just walk in the room and leave with the hottest piece. The kids find a good hormone cocktail and forget their worth. There’s levels to this. You need to get to the passable stage first auntie before you start swinging your hips and throwing your titties around. Humble yourself.

The Ghey kids will act like they’re all good and innocent on these threads, but trust me when I say that we are superficial as fuck. And a THIS would never walk into the function and walk about with my piece. I think G was being nice to you homie. Do you know how many fierce Atlanta gay hearts woulda been broken thinking G was “straight” all this time to see him wind up with some old man? Naw sis. We can’t let that through.

**End Shade**

If you want to be looked at as a woman you have to be a human first. And realize when dealing with other humans that we ALL have free will. Not just the chosen group of the week who white liberal media has deemed deserving of our unconditional sympathy.

Everyone was a hypocrite in this:

The black homophobic community for pretending this is about anything other than their own homophobia, and using this as a case to why all gays and trans should be ostracized and dehumanized.

White gays for pretending that just because you feel and look like a woman now every man you like is obligated to give you the affection you need.

And the false ally left blogs who pretend anytime a black person raises an eyebrow at a gay person that social media is making a bigger deal of it than what is actually being made.

But thank you Ginuwine. For showing this group of people more respect than anyone is showing you right now. I personally don’t think it’s fair how you’re being presented in this. 

In my opinion I feel like I watched a sexual assault that everyone is now painting the victim as the villain. 

*No Shade was reserved in the writing of this post

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