This has been a HUGE week for The Qool Hive & Friends! My favorite lawyer Juan Lafonta made it on The Ellen Degeneres Show for his viral video with Big Freedia!

Hands down one of my favorite commercials EVER, and I’m not surprised it made it to the Ellen Degeneres Show. It’s actually my favorite Big Freedia song. But Juan Lafonta is so much more than a lawyer with a catchy commercial. Locally he’s been a major benefactor to the New Orleans black community and the arts. That’s why I am committed to #GetJuanOnEllen.

Ellen, if you or any of your producers read this it’s very important that you know how much Juan goes out of his way to help give a hand up. While most lawyers in the area get rich and eat uptown neve to mingle with regular people again, Juan reinvests a generous portion of his profits BACK into the community and especially into small businesses and supporting creatives (Like myself).

Juan is like the Big Brother the black community here in New Orleans desperately needs. His commercials, billboards, and marketing campaigns help local small businesses pay their bills and employ others.

This commercial also went number 1 on our local radio stations and has breathed new life into a city torn apart by fights over Confederate monuments.

In addition, his friendship to the LGBTQ community is unprecedented for any high profile heterosexual black man in the area. He was the first to feature gays in his commercials and speaks openly and vigilantly against gay bullying.

He has invested thousands into black creatives and makes sure that the gay community has a voice. New Orleans may seem like a liberal city, but transexuals are still being found murdered on the outskirts. So Juan featuring transgender Big Freedia is more than just a gimmick, but also a statement that she’s a huge part of New Orleans Qulture. It was a statement of inclusion that is desperately needed in these divided times we find ourselves in.

Or that time a local favorite eatery was robbed and Juan immediately came to help.

As a former server in the local restaurant industry here I can tell you this was a huge ray of hope in what could have been a devastating financial week for them. It’s little things that create the character of a city.

Because of these things I’m committed to #GetJuanOnEllen for a community hero feature. Of course I’m biased, but I’ve had a front row seat to see that Juan’s vision from it’s early stages to now and it’s positive impact locally. So you’ve heard my case and hope to see results soon! 

Ellen Call Juan Lafonta! Juan Lafont! Juan Lafonta!




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