Television actress Aliza Dushku has sent shockwaves through Hollywood with her #MeToo Facebook revelation of being sexually assaultedat the age of 12 on the set of True Lies by her stunt coordinator and quasi-guardian Joel Kramer.


I’m glad she got this off of her chest and appreciate what inspired her to do so. Instead of riding the wave she said she recently saw her abuser hugging a young actress in a picture. I’ve always been a fan of Eliza as an actress. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the shyt, and DollHouse was such a daring glimpse into cloning farms. It’ll always have a place in Cult Pop Qulture. To be such a young girl taken advantage of in this manner I’m sure was traumatic. She owed me, nor anyone else this story. And I will not question or mansplain any piece of it. I’m glad she shared it.

But my protective nature makes me ask questions. None to her. She did absolutely NOTHING wrong, but there are people responsible for her safety. I’ve always grown up with an understanding of good and evil people in my life. Grew up in a guarded family. Sleepovers were only done within our extended family and I can’t think of one situation in my life ever that my parents entrusted me as a child with anyone they knew casually. So when Eliza says that he spend “months” earning her and her parent’s trust I can’t conceptualize that in my mind.

Like child molestation is not some new, 21st century ideal that’s just come about. Parents did JUST start hearing about it this millenia. Nor did a parental protective nature just evolve recently. 

Let’s just put it out there…..are we looking at a situation where a child was “handed over” for financial gain. I literally could not imagine any situation where a man could call my sister jailbait in front of me and I’d giggle like its a joke. Or telling my father a man tried to rape me and not have to visit him at Angola State prison the rest of my life because of how he reacted. 

What became of the “tough woman” she confided in? She went to confront the abuser and the next day Eliza is injured on set? {Blacks know all too well how vindictive white men are when called out for their abuse} Women get online everyday preaching about sister circles and such but when its really time to have a voice for young girls they whisper or don’t say anything. {It’s easy to look the other way, play dumb and plausibly deny you knew.}

I’ve always felt Hollywood is a big glamourous, sadistic brothel where the “talent” is subjective so you don’t know why a person is really there. You have to play to play and with so many known pedophiles in the industry you would think parents would go into with a heightened sense of cautiousness. But that didn’t happen. Instead you send your 12 year old daughter on “trips” with a grown man? 

Eliza was definitely victimized, but there seems to be more culprits here than just her. We’re talking the 90’s here. She’s still a very young woman so it was be hard pressed for me to believe everyone is blindly trusting these Hollywood types and hoping for the best. 

With the cases of pediphilia and rape in the industry I still can’t be as petty as whites were during the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It’s just hard to give it the same type of empathy because we’re talking about people who were paid for their abuse. Blacks are told to just get over it.

Everyone is pretending they didn’t see anything. Even James Cameron says he wish he would have known. We wish you would have known. You should have known. It was your job to know. You were responsible for her safety while in your care. It’s the same as if you throw a pool party and kids are there. You don’t turn your back on them. I don’t even turn my back on my grown friends if we go out. But all these blind eyes that were turned:

It’s just heartbreaking that it happened to her. And I know the other party. Not well, he hasn’t worked for me since then. But the fact that this was happening under our noses and we didn’t know about, I think going forward it’s important for all industries, certainly Hollywood, to create a safe avenue for people to speak up. That they feel safe, and that anyone that might be a predator or an abuser knows that the mechanism is there and it’s encouraged and that there is no shame around it and that there will be consequences,” the filmmaker, 63, continued. “I don’t think this is a Hollywood problem, I think that Hollywood is in a unique position of shining a spotlight on it, as Hollywood has done on a lot of social issues. It’s one of the things we do and do well.

It’s just amazing how liberal whites can take credit for shining a light on a situation they all participate in while ignoring the racism and exclusion of blacks completely. They’ll never see it that way so……#MeToo. I too have been victimized by white men. But white women are the first to whitesplain it. This particular situation is unique because he literally was responsible for whether she lived or died. Much like black lives are in the hands of racist, white nationalist police officers everytime we’re stopped.

I’m not trying to victim shame here, or tell anyone else’s story. I just don’t think its ok to carefully construct a narrative that exonerates everyone actually responsible for protecting you for abuse you suffered while in their care. This isn’t a drunken sorority girl passed out behind a garbage can. It’s a 12 year old girl in the 90’s thrown into demonic industry unprotected. What else was supposed to happen when you hand your daughter off to rich men you barely know? And why is that an inappropriate question to ask?


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