That’s what happens when you don’t support the home team.

Drew Brees has made a lot of money on the backs of from New Orleans over the years, and he spends it grandly {Despite the Opie act he puts on around here}. But now he’s filed a lawsuit to get some of that coin back from a jeweler who saw a sucker and came up he feels took advantage of him.

From TMZ :

Drew Brees claims he was scammed out of MILLIONS by a jeweler who sold him an $8 MILLION diamond ring … but the jeweler is saying Brees has no one to blame but himself.

The New Orleans Saints QB has filed a lawsuit against Vahid Moradi — who runs the CJ Charles jewelry shop in San Diego, the city where Brees began his NFL career.

Brees claims he’s been buying jewelry from Moradi for years — and has dropped roughly $15 MILLION on some insane pieces … including watches, earrings and rings.

Problem is … Brees claims he recently had his jewelry independently appraised and was told his collection is worth $9 MILLION less than he paid. 

In his suit filed Monday … Brees says Moradi had insisted his jewelry was a solid investment that would definitely go up in value over the years — and feels he was lied to the entire time.

Brees claims the biggest hit he took was on a 4.09 carat blue diamond ring he bought in 2015 for $8.18 million … which recently appraised for only $3.75 million.

But Moradi’s high-powered attorney, Eric M. George, says Brees shouldn’t be pointing the finger at Moradi … he can only blame himself.

“Drew Brees aggressively purchased multi-million dollar pieces of jewelry. Years later, claiming to suffer ‘cash flow problems,’ he tried to bully my client into undoing the transactions.”

“Mr. Brees’s behavior and his belief that he was wronged because the jewelry did not appreciate in value as quickly as he hoped both demonstrate a lack of integrity and contradict basic principles of both economics and the law.”

“He should restrict his game-playing to the football field, and refrain from bullying honest, hard-working businessmen like my client.”

Brees is seeking at least $9 million in damages. 

Good luck Breezy. Sounds like you’re trying to run a stunt and this man’s lawyer is going to use all his power to stop it. Seems like you’re out here living real “new money” and now that you have to take care of that tribe of kids you need some lose coin. You might wanna save as much as you can from your current $50 million dollar contract since it seems you blow through money pretty quick. I do this same shyt at tjmaxx when I return some shit with the receipt still on it but I wore for weed money. These are crackhead games. 

But next time you invest do your research! Don’t go throwing your cash away on magic beans. It’d also be great if you stimulated the economy of those who supported you here in New Orleans, but since you didn’t I hope you lose the lawsuit.

Qool Hive do you do a lot of research before making large purchases or do you throw caution to the wind?

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