Greetings Qool Hive. So sorry I haven’t checked in with you and delivered you the scathing shade all the black respectable blogs are trying to imitate now that the Obamas don’t provide them clickbait every week, but I’ve been sampling some amazing new THC strains that have drastically altered my productivity levels. Luckily I’m on a sativa this week so we’ll see how things go. And I’m right on time since there so much mess in these Digital Streets. The light skin kids have been all over my newsfeeds lightskinning. First everyone defending Bruno Mars’ tragic mulatto black drag in exchange for shotouts to DJ Envy walking out on Desus and Mero on the Breakfast Club over jokes they made about DJ Envy’s wife only being in it for the money.

Seemed like a severe overreaction compared to the things he lets the goddess get away with saying to other men’s wives everyday but Hot 97’s Ebro Darden had a theory on the unexpected chivalry.

Now that’s what I call Shade!

 But come on. Envy had to know that’s whatever thinks in their mind. He can tell us that they been together for so long, but that didn’t stop him from cheating. And we know he’s not walking away from them industry thots like he walked out on these guys today so let’s leave the theatrics to Charla whose way more believable.

Right now you’re just reinforcing Light skin stereotypes and looking a fool while doing so.

What about you Qool Hive? Do you think the drama was real or staged?!

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