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I love food truck culture. I love being able to taste different dishes straight off the grill from different personalities and cultures without all the pretense of restaurant Qulture. It’s actually hard for me to pass by one without at least checking out the menu. And If I find a dish I really like I’m no stranger to stalking that truck’s GPS updates on a crazed munchie mission. {I’m so sorry for those middle of the night messages Food Drunk. I wasn’t a different person back then} But that’s just the problem. Chasing them around them around the city. In other states there are areas designed for your favorite trucks to park so you can experience them all at your comfort.

Now, thanks to Ross Baudy and his amazing wife Sharonda Mathews-Baudy New Orleans has it’s first food truck park. In fact, Deja Vieux Food Truck Park is the first in Louisiana. Ross took time away from running his Food Truck empire to talk to The VitaminQ about what else the park had to offer.

The park features a covered outdoor patio with TV’s on the patio and full bar. We have a 800 sqft indoor seating area with plans to add a commissary kitchen and additional indoor entertainment venue in an 11,000 sqft building I own behind the park.  We can rotate up to 6 food trucks in the space.

The park’s been open since April and Baudy not only owns the park, but one of the two permanent food trucks there. Soulsation Kitchen.

The other is Johnny’s Jamaican Grill.

Baudy said he was inspired by a concept he saw in Austin 9 years ago that he decided to put his own spin on. The “On-stop” shop for Food Trucks, as he calls it, also has a commissary kitchen access, cold and dry storage, and sells.  It also comes with eco-friendly food truck conveniences such as power supply, grey water dump, water supply & cooking oil recycling.

New Orleans is a city going through a lot of and transition gentrification. A city that was once rich with minority owned businesses now struggles to keep them open. So the fact that such a progressive and innovative venture for the state is owned and operated by a local black man is a big deal for authentic New Orleans Qulture.

And the park has become a local smash hit. It’s already a part of the official Pelicans Bar Krewe. One of just 5 in the city. With rave reviews from local foodies and media.


A well as host to a Tropical Lounge night with a DJ every Friday starting at 6 p.m. Located at 1681 Religious St  New Orleans, Louisiana 70130.

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