The recent disappearance of 26 year old Terrylynn Monette over the weekend has brought to light a very harsh reality for the black community.  That although we only make up 13% of the American population, we make up for 33% of missing persons in the FBI’s database.  On top of that fact, or maybe because of it, we don’t get nearly as much attention and assistance when one of our own goes missing.  These numbers sicken me for various reasons, but nothing bothers me more than the fact that what it actually represents is that blacks simply aren’t that safe among each other.

Terrilynn was out celebrating her recent nomination for teacher of the year at a lake view bar here in New Orleans named Parlays in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue till about 3:30 a.m.  Friends say that Terry was going to sleep in her car before driving home because she had consumed alcohol.  The last report of her safely was about 4 a.m. with an unidentified man at her two door, black Honda Accord(Licence plate WUN494).  

I pray for this woman’s safe return.  I pray she is found safe, but as the days go on, the chances of that happening seem to diminish.  I remain hopeful.

That’s the concerned brother side of me.  The overprotective side of me if so angry at  the chances that so many women and men seem to take here in the city of New Orleans where everyday there is another example that no one is safe at any time.  It’s my opinion that women have gotten way to comfortable in thinking they are “strong women”.  I know this is gonna be very unpopular opinion.  Especially on Women’s Day, but as much as women would like to believe they are equals with men, all you have to do is check rape and crimes against women statistics to see the reality of this thought process.  The strongest woman will still have a lot of problems fighting off the average man.  Add alcohol to her system and a gun in his hand, and that should give you perspective.

I don’t place blame on victims.  Never will you hear me say that an innocent person deserves anything bad that may happen to them.  However, I am a very realistic person, and New Orleans is a city I simply don’t take these kind of chances in.  I find that out-of-townees are easily charmed by the locals and fall into a false sense of security that can cost them their life.   Many don’t like that I have such a negative perception of “The Big Easy”, but i could really give two damns if it will keep a friend alive.   I am VERY protective of women.  It’s actually hard for me to party in this town and watch them set themselves up for victimization in local night clubs.  You have to know who you’re partying with.  Not everyone that calls herself your girl will make sure you get home safely, and not every “cool guy” who buys you a drink is trustworthy when you’ve had too many.

It bothers me that when i read crime stories the first thing I think is “What the Hell were they thinking?”.  I know it sounds crass and insensitive, but it comes from a place of love.  I care SO much that I get angry.  Ask anyone that parties with me.  It’s just my nature.  I believe in preemptive defense.  It’s not just for women.  Tourists come to town thinking New Orleans is all parties and “Hey Babies”, but you can get robbed and killed on a moment’s notice.   The predators here are slick and charming and are quite aware that this is an easy town to disappear in.  

I’m not judging anyone because I’m sure those friends feel bad enough, but I do urge women to protect themselves and each other.  We all know a lot of women use the damsel in distress routine when they get a little tipsy to flirt with guys and I’m here to let you know this isn’t a city full Prince Charmings.  Just two weeks ago a yougn woman was kidnapped from her driveway in the Garden District.  Three thugs rode her around for hours and took turns raping her.  Your odds are a lot better at crossing paths with a wolf who will know just when to strike.  He sees you vulnerable.  He’s observed that your friends are uncaring and self centered, and he knows the streets are dark and the cops are preoccupied. A normal day could turn into the nightmare that changes your Life.  The only protection you have is your own brain.  Use it! 

If you know anything about the disappearance of Terry please contact the authorities!

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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